Why Is Jaipur Called The City Of Gems Why Is Jaipur Called The City Of Gems

Pink City Jaipur, the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan, is famously known as the “City of Gems”. Jaipur is indeed the city of gems if we take a tour of the history of the great tradition of the ethnicity of this region that covers all the regions of Rajasthan. This region has a rich and ancient culture that differentiates it from the rest of India. Usually, the geophysical condition of a region plays a significant role in establishing the unique traditions of food habits, sports, music, clothes, and ornaments. Rajasthan is a dry land, the land of desert and it needed proper planning for any civilization to flourish in this part of the country. Here are the main reasons that made Jaipur the city of gems-

Cultural, Historical, and Geographical Conditions

Cultural, Historical, and Geographical Conditions Cultural, Historical, and Geographical Conditions

Around three centuries ago in 1727 Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh the Second led the foundation of the city of Jaipur and developed it as his capital, and hence Jaipur is the first modern planned city of India. It is in the reign of His Highness and by his foresightedness, Jaipur started its journey to lead the world of gemstone and jewelry. Being the dry land there was no scope for agriculture. Raja Jai Singh(II) by assimilating this aspect, invited skilled craftsmen and stone cutters from around the region to Jaipur and nurtured it into the hub of gemstone and jewelry. Under his patronage jewelers, stonecutters, and many other artisans flourished.

This craftsmanship continued and still practicing by passing down the legacy to the next generation, a legacy that can not be learned from books but inherited from ancestors. Jaipur has beautifully preserved this age-old wisdom of gemstone and jewelry manufacturing. Each generation has grasped the skill and perfected it by accumulating new trends and technologies of their time and cultivated Jaipur as the city of gems.

Culturally this part was a home for mixed cultures, where the majority of the Hindu population amalgamated with the Mughls and formed a Broad and diverse culture. In both of their traditions wearing gemstone jewelry was an integral part of everyday life. Jewelry made of precious gemstones was the symbol of royalty. Women in both Hindu and Muslim communities wore jewelry as a symbol of marriage and inherited jewelry as a share of ancestral property. In those times wearing jewelry is common for all genders, unlike recent times. Perhaps it was the luster of the richness of India that attracted the British and the entire West. Before the British came to India, it was called the golden bird, the epitome of wealth. It was in India that gemstone jewelry gets popularity in the West.

Rich In Natural Resources

Rich In Natural Resources Rich In Natural Resources

India was the first to mine diamonds and other precious gemstones. It is a land with a massive reserve of natural gemstones as well as the most skilled craftsmen of jewelry makers and stone cutters. In other words, India has everything essential for gemstone jewelry manufacturing. We are the pioneer of gemstone jewelry manufacturing and supply.

Currently, Jaipur alone is the largest city in the world for cutting and polishing gemstones. The world-famous Johari Bazar of Jaipur is still the biggest market for gemstone jewelry. There are more than 100 factories for cutting and polishing gemstones in Jaipur alone. In times of scientific advancements where artificial gemstones are made and sold at cheap prices, let alone the other semi-precious stones, diamonds too are grown in laboratories, Jaipur is known for the genuine quality of natural gemstones.

Scientific Advancement and Globalization

Scientific Advancement and Globalization Scientific Advancement and Globalization

Scientific inventions aka the use of machines have helped this industry in a miraculous way. Machines have reduced the time and cost of the processing of gemstones. It is because of new technology casting gemstone jewelry production is made possible that not only meets the standards of designs but pocket friendly. This increased the production of gemstones and jewelry, and now the gemstone jewelry manufacturers match the demands globally. No wonder India is the largest exporter of gemstones and gemstone jewelry in the world.

Globalization on the other hand brought the world closer. The free market policy has brought revolutionary shifts in world trade. Now it is easy, convenient, and even cheaper to import rough stones from other parts of the world as raw materials for gemstones to get them processed into a perfect piece of gemstones. This is how Jaipur in India has become the main hub of not only cutting and polishing gemstones but also gemstone jewelry manufacturing and wholesale supply worldwide.

Globalization also helped the intercultural amalgamation of trends and traditions of gemstone jewelry around the world. That created an inclination in demand for gemstones and jewelry in the global market subsequently making way for new companies to start their trade-in gemstone jewelry, surpassing the USD$ 20.58 billion in September 2022.

Jaipur has been the center of curiosity for the world, a perfect tourist destination for those who love to explore new ethnicity, and a heaven for the traders and admirers of gemstones and jewelry of unique designs and genuine quality.

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