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Welcome to the world of Rananjay exports- The custom order Manufacturer and Supplier


Every tale has its own grandeur and struggles. In 2013 Rananjay Exports was established in Jaipur, India. The largest and most reliable Wholesale Jewellery Manufacturer And Supplier is Rananjay Exports. Many ups and downs occurred during the journey to this position. With the intention of delivering products and services of the greatest calibre and that are memorable for customers. Knowing the difficulties that the retail jewellery industry faces, we made the decision to make things easier for them. We started our journey with the intention of having an influence world wide.  

The emergence of digitalization inspired us to expand our business into the online space and offer our fine Gemstone JewelrySterling Silver Jewelry, and other creations to anyone willing to fall in love with jewelry. All those retail jewelry companies that strive for perfection are welcome at Rananjay Exports. To reach the crown of success, roads are always crooked. Our journey has led us to our current position as the most reputable, most trusted Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer And Supplier on a national and international scale. With all of our heart and soul, we strive to be of service to you and offer you the finest products and services that bring a smile to you.

Jewelry has since antiquity been a possession linked with sentiments and close to heart. We strive for excellence day and night and respect the feelings associated with these ornaments. We make an effort to meet the needs of each and every one of our customers. Whether a company is online or offline, big or small, we value them all equitably and treat them with respect. Our company operates on the global market. 

You can discover both authenticity and variety at Rananjay Exports. You can choose from a variety of gemstones with a range of textures and finishes thanks to us as a Wholesale Custom Jewelry Manufacturer. We provide you with an enormous array of gemstones in a wide range of patterns, textures, and finishes. We throughout our journey have stayed rooted with our values and aims to provide you with the best. Since our beginning until the present, this has never let us down. Our supply is now available in the major nations of the globe thanks to the success we've experienced. 

Rananjay Exports has established itself in the worldwide  market through this journey through the milestones thanks to its expert style, authenticity, and creative designs. We would give you not only the most contemporary but also the traditional designs that best represent our culture. At Rananjay exports you'll have a great experience as you'll find a variety to choose from.

Our Jewelry Is The Right Choice For You

We work diligently to design alluring jewellery that is exquisite, alluring, and of the highest quality. There are several stages of creation of the alluring piece. The uncut gemstones are first gently broken before being shaped into various sizes and forms. These gorgeous gemstones in these shapes are embedded in metal, including the currently popular 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry. Each gemstone is unique in and of itself, just like every item of jewellery we have ever produced. 

Our team puts a lot of work and efforts into the procedure in order to give you the best Gemstone Jewelry. We never skimp on the craftsmanship of the jewelry, the authenticity of our gemstones, or the outstanding metal quality. Each item of our gemstone jewellery is distinctive and thoughtfully created for our cherished customers, each of whom is of utmost importance to us.  We create jewellery keeping in mind the requirements of the client as our top concern. Our jewellery is distinctive and of excellent quality, which sets it apart from similar products.. 

We Understand How Important Jewelry Is To You

Jewelry since antiquity is not only an ornament that enhances one's beauty but is a lot more than that. We understand how jewelry eventually gets associated with the sentiments and emotions of its wearer and how important it is when wrapped as a gift. Keeping the importance of jewelry in the lives of customers we ensure to provide you such peices that hold authentic Gemstone that truly help you throughout your life and connect to you soulfully. 

Rananjay exports which is a custom fashion silver gemstone jewelry manufacturer in Jaipur supplies jewelry worldwide to provide it to all those jewelry lovers. We provide a chance to experience the luxury and confidence of wearing gemstone jewelry at the most reasonable prices. This gives us an edge over others with all the love we get from our clients.                   

Our Aim Is To Provide You Authenticity, Quality And Beauty

Rananjay exports, which is a Custom Jewelry Manufacturer And Supplier, has been supplying high quality flawlessly crafted jewelry at affordable price and will continue to serve our customers with the same consideration. Our selection includes men's jewelry as well as cast jewelry, jewelry that is one of a kind, Custom Gemstone Jewelry, plain silver jewelry, and jewelry that has been plated. With such variation, each piece is meticulously made with much effort to give you the best.

Gemstones have played a significant part in people's lives and have been admired by both men and women. Antiquity is evidence of each stone's value and distinctiveness. In addition, we make an effort to provide you with genuine, natural gemstones and unite them with metals to ensure that your precious gemstone lasts a lifetime.Our goal is to create a comprehensive selection of high-quality, reasonably priced jewelry that satisfies all of the requirements of our customers by combining timelessly beautiful pieces that are meticulously handmade with the ideal balance of ancient mystique and elegant modern touches.

Our Experts and Expertise 

In order to create a single, special gemstone piece with magical qualities that would enhance your beauty and serve as a guide throughout your life, our artists and workers, who are experts, collaborate in teams of at least 11 to 12. Our diligent artisans worked tirelessly to create the precise jewelry pieces that would be both fashionable and long-lasting  and in sync with the image of the gorgeous Gemstone Jewelry pieces created by our expert designers. 

Our designers collaborate with the research team to create the most popular, marketable designs. After that, our artisans collaborate with our designers to create those patterns. The exquisite jewelry piece that we provide to you is the result of the combined efforts and devotion of the two teams. Their hard work is paid off when their work enhances your beauty and is donned as stunning rings, elegant earrings, adorable pendants and so on. We have arrived at this point thanks to the efforts of our team. 

Accuracy and assurance are Rananjay Exports' "Two A's." 


Gemstone Manufacturing Company We use the finest experts and technologies to produce entrancing and exquisite designs. Our goal is to provide you with accuracy and perfection, so we employ the finest personnel and equipment at different stages of the jewelry-making process.  The manufacturer spares no effort to create a piece of jewelry that is sturdy and long-lasting. To make the beauty you will wear, each stone is placed with caution and care. Our skilled artisans and craftspeople put their all into every step of the jewelry-making process and are equipped with the finest tools to ensure accuracy and perfection.


The fact that Rananjay Exports has never sacrificed on product quality makes us the best option for you. We have been making every effort to reach out to all jewellery lovers who want to have the natural gemstone embedded into the metals because it takes a great amount of trust to become the first choice as the Custom Jewelry Manufacturer And Supplier. We ensure that every item of gemstone jewelry we sell is of the highest calibre and will last a lifetime.

How We Create Jewelry At Rananjay Exports For You 

Our designers reflect their concepts onto paper and produce original artwork. To give you accuracy and perfection, they use software to make the designs ideal. The paper creation comes to life. The next stage is to create the wax moulds in accordance with the design. 

We utilise these wax moulds to make the metal structure. We ensure that the you metals that last long and serve you more. We set the natural gemstones that are mined from different parts of the world as soon as the metal structure is finished. The alluring Gemstone is polished to add shine and lustre after being embedded in the metal framework. The metal is then coated with rose gold or yellow gold that is 1 to 2.5 microns thick. 

 How Much Our Customers Mean To Us

Customers have never been treated as leads by Rananjay Exports; rather, they are viewed as partners. Without the help of the customers, our journey would not have been feasible. As we work not just for them but also with them, our customers are more than just the individuals we sell to. Even though we have a study team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals, we continue to request our customers and end users for their opinions and responses to our jewellery. We collaborate with our clients to produce what they want and provide them with the highest quality and most impressive designs.. 

Our Exporting Services

An international customer forum has been established by Indian maker of Custom Jewelry Rananjay Exports. To guarantee that all customers who want natural gemstone jewelry receive it in the best possible state, we offer the best international delivery services. If you're out there and want to wear fine jewelry pieces that are real and enticing, we've got you covered. We have been known for being the top provider and manufacturer of custom jewelery.

We Keep You Updated And Your Products Safe

Rananjay Exports values open communication with their customers. We keep you informed from the time the jewelry leaves our stores until it arrives at your door because we are conscious of your concern for your purchase. We never let go of the reins on the products that will soon be yours. This line of contact keeps us in touch with our clients. We are aware of our responsibilities, and our team works nonstop to deliver your products in the best possible state and by the deadline. Because jewelry is more than just an adornment, and is associated with your emotions and feelings. We make every effort to ensure that everything we do—from manufacturing to packing to sealing to delivery—is done carefully and cautiously. 

We Care For The Environment 

Rananjay Exports, which values authenticity, gives you gemstones that come directly from nature. We are aware of our responsibility to preserve the environment, so we work to reduce waste and safeguard our natural resources. The refuse generated during the jewellery-making process is properly handled and disposed of to prevent environmental damage. We protect our environment from metals and non-biodegradable garbage.

 We have so far made sure that we don't harm our mother Earth in any manner and will continue to do so with the same values. 

We owe nature for everything we have, so protecting its wellbeing is our first duty. Our company not only recognises this, but also conducts business in a manner that respects nature. It is wrong to live in a manner that pollutes the environment for your benefit. 

Welfare Of Our Staff

We give special attention to ensuring the wellness of our employees. Every employee at the business makes a difference in the level of success we have and continue to strive for. Regardless of their work description, we see it as our responsibility to ensure the well-being of all of our employees. Our employees' hard work and dedication to their jobs have gotten us this far in our success path, and we owe that to them. 

We value the time and effort they invested in designing the ideal jewellery pieces. We appreciate their commitment to our business and uphold complete openness. Each and every current employee, as well as those who recently join our business, is made aware of all company policies. They will feel more secure and protected in their surroundings as a result of removing any potential for confusion. We make sure the workplace is orderly and welcoming so that everyone can collaborate and take pleasure in their job.

The Benefits Of Choosing Us

Customers are collaborators who we work for and with at Rananjay Exports. We sell our Wholesale Jewelry at reasonable rates in order to make sure that every gemstone lover can wear the beauty we offer. We make sure that the cost of our jewelry is not significantly impacted by changes in the metal market values. Each item varies in price depending on the complexity of the jewellery designs and the scarcity and popularity of the gemstones used in it, but we can assure you that they are all reasonably priced. We take steps to ensure that you enjoy the best possible shopping experience and that it is convenient for you, at Rananjay Exports. 

Our goal is to make sure that no vendor or customer has a problem ordering our exquisite jewellery from Rananjay Exports. Your online and offline experiences have been made as simple and convenient as possible. We have worked to ensure instant account approval and product filters so you can easily and swiftly discover what you're looking for when using the online mode. We are aware of the trust clients place in us and in the resellers, so we take no chances in giving them the best possible service. 

Our goal is for all of our clients to be delighted and satisfied. We go above and beyond to live up to your expectations. You are now aware of the work that went into a product and the affection that went into making it every time it arrives at your doorstep.You can be confident that every purchase you make will be worthwhile if you choose Rananjay Exports as your Custom Wholesale Jewelry partner. Every transaction would get you reward points, which is a small gesture to brighten your day. With your subsequent buy, you could use these points.

 Your retail collection would be worth more thanks to the precision and brilliance we offer. At Rananjay Exports, we make sure that every customer gets their ideal match.  We make sure that each step is simple and convenient for you, and that you have no problems at any point in the process of purchasing the exquisite Gemstone jewelry at Rananjay exports.