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OEM Jewelry Manufacturers and Suppliers


In manufacturing industries, the two most common abbreviations are ODM and OEM. ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer. And OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Much discourse is going on about how one is better than another. We will discuss how OEM is a Boon for the Jewelry Manufacturers and Suppliers. As we can see nowadays, OEM concepts in the jewelry industry are prevalent. Rananjay Exports is one of the most- influential wholesale gemstone manufacturers and suppliers of deals in OED.


Introduction to OEM

As we have mentioned earlier, OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. It refers to the companies that sell products and designs according to the demands and preferences of customers. The term OEM is mainly associated with automation and IT and is also taking place in the jewelry industry. An OEM-associated firm produces products sold under the name of other more prominent brands. It provides and adds finishing elements in the outcome of other companies, considered as Value Added Reseller (VAR). It is regarded as a company that manufactures the principal parts or components utilized by the other company to enhance or build a new product. A specific company takes another product, rebrands it, and then sells it to the final consumers.

OEM is particularly advantageous for companies that have done complete market research and have the resources and skills to implement a product but scarce the ability to produce or manufacture it. An example of OEM is Microsoft. When PC manufacturing companies like Dell and HP create personal computers, they offer the end-user an operating system (OS). It is important to note that the hardware company does not develop the OS. Instead, it is a product of another company, which is Microsoft. Microsoft is called the OEM, while Dell or HP sells PCs under their brand name.

Another example from the jewelry industry is Rananjay Exports, which makes OED jewelry on the order of other jewelry brands according to market trends and the needs and wants of those brands.

Pros and Cons of OEM


Let us discuss the pros and cons of OEM. There are many benefits of OEM. Some advantages are mentioned below:

  1. The production will be done at a low cost.
  2. The production is done on a large scale, so there is no worry of shortage.
  3. Companies manufacture and market goods that are comparable to those of their competitors.
  4. The quality of the product is manufactured as the product has to pass many tests and quality standards.
  5. The copyright and IP (Intellectual Property) rights associated with your development and design stay with you.
  6. OEMs work with proficiency and experience to provide the quality output they are good at.


Along with some advantages, there are some cons related to OEMs that are mentioned below:


  1. Sometimes, there are expensive development costs.
  2. High minimum order quantity requirements.
  3. Developing a product, OEM usually takes longer time than ODM.
  4. You must go through a lot of market competition to enhance your customer base.
  5. You cannot unquestioningly depend upon the OEMs to detect and rectify faults in your design. They only manufacture the products that rely on the design data you provide.


How OEM Is A Boon To The Jewelry Industry?

Above written is all the information about OEM. Now, we will discuss OEM in the Jewelry industry as a Boon to enhance your jewelry business in a changing world.


As we have seen, there is a trend of customized jewelry designed by customers according to their tastes and preferences. In this constantly changing era, the jewelry industry is also evolving. To create custom jewelry, an OEM jewelry designer plays a pervasive part in the jewelry industry. They provide a fantastic service to brands and retailers who are on the lookout for custom jewelry. We know that jewelry signifies love, style, dignity, culture, and identity. By following every step in making OEM jewelry according to the demand and preferences of the brand, Rananjay Exports is giving tough competition.


When a jewelry brand provides design and thought, OEM ensures that the final product should harmonize with the brand's foresight. Associating with the brand's needs, OEM suppliers should choose pertinent and best-quality products such as gems and metals. Manufacturing processes such as stone setting, polishing, and casting must adhere to the brand's specifications and must carried out by OEM suppliers. OEM must maintain and work with quality standards, which is essential in the jewelry industry. After following all the steps, final finishing and assembling should be done after taking timely feedback from the brand. Then, move towards other and last processes like detailing, soldering, engraving, etc. Then, the finished goods should be delivered to the client. Rananjay Exports follows every step to make their manufactured jewelry unique and beyond competition in the market. Also, this firm ensures that manufactured products are supplied on time without delay.


The proper communication between the supplier and the brand and the adherence to IP rights protocol are crucial while working with a brand. Also, OEM has many benefits in the jewelry industry, such as providing customized jewelry and designs, cost efficiency, and specialized and experienced artists who try to level up their creativity by thinking out of the box. Last but not least, it is very much time-saving. Now, we will have a look at what varieties Rananjay Exports provide.


About Rananjay Exports

Ranajay Exports is a trending manufacturing and supplying company that has satisfied customers since 2013. It is a company that is also an OEM Jewelry Manufacturer and Supplier. It is following a tradition to create happy customers. You can highlight the beauty of premium OEM jewelry curated in 925 percent sterling silver with Rananjay Exports. They are also providing OEM handmade jewelry and custom design services. Unlimited products include OEM Pendant, OEM Necklaces, OEM Bracelet, OEM Rings, and OEM Earrings. Their OEM services are unmatchable.


Rananjay Exports is a top-tier wholesale manufacturer and supplier of OEM jewelry pieces with over ten years of experience. They are renowned for their impeccable production quality and exceptional customer service. Their clients are delighted with their products and services. Rananjay Exports specializes in creating customized OEM jewelry pieces according to their clients' designs, tastes, demands, and preferences. They value client feedback and provide regular updates to ensure a flawless final product.


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