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We are Rananjay Exports, established in the year 2013, in Jaipur, India. We started with the aspiration to become the most reliable and largest manufacturer and supplier of wholesale gemstones-based Jewelry, and within less than a decade we have gracefully achieved our goal. Being the leading manufacturer and supplier we have come across the numerous challenges that a retail jewelry business faces.  We understood the need to take things into our hands and make things smooth for them and that made us motivated to reach out to as many people as we could, that is how we made our global footprint. Now we deal with domestic and international gemstones and jewelry wholesale markets.


The hard-earned success did not come to us on its own, we are proud to claim that we have attained this position through the efforts and hard work of our team. We have nurtured this journey with our ‘blood and sweat’. Success can never be possible without a bunch of failures and that is how they too are an integral part of our journey to the top of wholesale jewelry manufacturing and supplying business.


Great success comes with great responsibilities and here we are determined to take charge. We do not discriminate on any basis and always take care of the needs of every client of ours, be it a small business or a big one, be it an online retailer or an offline-based retailer, a local or an international one, each one of them is equally important to us. We respect and fulfill their requirements every time.


With years of great achievements and learning, we provide a collection of more than 2500 varieties of gemstones of different shapes and textures. We at Rananjay Exports, are committed to providing professional services and world-class services and that is the key to our success. We have solutions for all your jewelry-based queries and problems, reach out to us anytime.


Our journey began with the huge exposure and limelight we got in various well-known jewelry trade shows around the globe and we made our strong presence in this field. That was the day and we never had to look back, as a glorious journey to the top has marked its way. However, this success never lets us get detached from our roots. Being connected to our lineage helps us in the best solutions for your jewelry business. We never comprise our values and work ethics which made us remain at the top of the jewelry manufacturing and wholesale supplying company. A tried and trusted name we carry as a badge on our proud shoulders.


Then vs Now-

We started our journey with a small group of people but with a strong conviction to achieve remarkable growth within a certain period and we are glad to admit that not only in the monetary success we have earned 1000+ members in our family and with their hard work and excellent expertise in their relevant area, our product range has grown high. We have a brilliant team of researchers and a team of highly skilled and qualified designers, and a team who execute the design on the ground with utmost care. Then there is a team for packaging and shipping-related works and we are proud to tell you that not only the numbers are increasing day by day but we are being better in the quality of our products and services with each passing day. We started as the makers and wholesale suppliers of silver-coated gemstone jewelry but over the years we have launched gold-plated and bronze jewelry. Now we offer various ranges of silver, gold, and bronze-plated handmade casting jewelry. Rananjay Exports has evolved during these years by marking our vigorous presence as the most reliable manufacturer and wholesale supplier of handmade gemstone jewelry. For that, we take pride and hold our heads high and we aspire to keep growing and evolving with our products and services. 


What Our Jewelry Means To Us

We strongly believe that luxury should be accessible to all and so we focus on such a luxury that comes cost-effectively, i.e. accessible to the majority of the masses. We as jewelry makers and suppliers understand the value of it in everyone’s life. It does not only provide a sense of fashion to one’s life but it holds an important part of the personality. Jewelry is not a piece of precious thing to show off one’s class and status, it soothes our aesthetic appeal and symbolizes the unique personality that we carry within ourselves. We tend to provide the joy of experiencing luxury at a worthwhile price.


How And Why Our Jewelry Is Unique-

At Rananjay Exports, we believe in the beauty of rawness. We ensure the least interference with the shape of naturally found precious and raw gemstones. We make sure the shape remains intact or at least morphed and to do that we ingrain the uneven gemstones with a silver setting. In other words, we preserve the shape of raw gemstones and that ensures their unique designs, exclusive to the one who owns it. This is one of the pros and cons as well that you will probably not find the same piece of gemstone again, how amusing is it, isn’t it? There is a pleasure in owning intrude unique beauty and no one knows it better than us.


What Our Customers Mean To Us-

We value our customers as an asset to our company, they are part of our business and success. They are not just numbers to brag around. They help in shaping us as the largest and fastest growing company through their valuable bits of advice and customized requests in designs and modify them for the best results. It is our customers who make us understand the needs of our end users in a world of ever-changing trends.


Why Should You Partner With Us?

We never at all overprice our jewelry, as we work with a motto to make this beautiful luxury of gemstone jewelry accessible to all. Our prices do not depend on the inconsistent market rates of metals, so our prices rarely fluctuate because of the market upheaval of metal prices. However, it sometimes fluctuates because of design-related complexities, and the rare affordability of gemstones demanded in it. We ensure from all our strengths to make this experience of buying wholesale jewelry go handy to all jewelry retailers. With the advancement of technology, we provide a super user-friendly portal where you can easily filter and found your products along with instant account approvals. We do respect your trust in us as well as the trust, your customers have in you. We aim to satisfy the most by providing elegant designs that are executed technically correct manner.


We will try to amuse you every time with the quality and diversity of our quintessential designs. We make sure with each purchase you gain some value and a sense of connection with us. So how do we do it? Well by adding rewards to each of your purchases with us, which you can redeem at your will.  Moreover, we will keep making you in awe of our services.


Our Brilliant Team Of Designers And Craftspersons-

We have a team of highly skilled professionals who work with pure dedication. They are the living gems that add value and meaning to our whole handmade jewelry business. It is solely their collective efforts that make even the smallest piece of jewelry possible. Each jewelry piece requires several skilled artisans, who enrich the precious gemstones with utmost elegance and grandeur by framing them in various shapes and designs. These designs are proposed and finalized by our research team who work closely with the production team. Every piece of jewelry is the result of their mutual collaboration. They are the backbone of our company and not less than any rarest of rare gems. We are together a proud team, more than a team, we are a family. A family of diverse skills and talents who create magic in the world of gemstones and jewelry casting.


Our Duties-

As a responsible company, Ranajay Exports stand firm on our value system. We understand our responsibility towards Nature, this Earth as well as the people around us. We respect the treasure we are given by nature and we try to produce the least amount of waste. At the same time, we do not dispose of any waste untreated. We take care of metal and nonbiodegradable waste treatment before their disposal. We make sure to preserve our natural resources not only for fellow humans but for our future generations. We do understand our duty as a responsible organization and we never compromise with our value system.

Another thing that we are concerned about is our employees. We are a team, not less than a family and each one of our employees is precious to us. We make sure of their well-being despite their position in the company. Not only protecting their welfare and their rights but making them aware of their rights as an employee is a prime concern we have. Our motto is to keep transparency in company policies and they are delivered simply at the time of the joining of their joining.


The Procedure Of Casting Jewelry At Rananjay Exports

  • Bring the idea to the floor.
  • Transfer the idea to the paper.
  • Identify technical flaws and limitations of the design on execution and correct them through AutoCAD.
  • Making a wax mold of the designs accordingly.
  • Prepare metal structure using the wax mold.
  • Fixing gemstones into the metal structure.
  • Policing of the prepared jewelry.
  • Plating of rose gold or yellow gold up to 1 to 2.5 microns
  • Giving the final touch to the jewelry.


The Offers With Us-

  • Easy and hassle-free account creation with quick approval.
  • Attractive discounts.
  • Fixed shipping charge of $39 for orders between $199-$499. 
  • Free shipping on orders above $499.
  • A wide range of 250+ gemstones, 3 vermilion, and 2500+ designs.


Our Jewelry Range-

  • Catalog Jewelry
  • Casting Jewelry
  • One-Of-a-Kind Jewelry
  • Customized Jewelry
  • Plain Silver Jewelry
  • Gold plated Jewelry
  • Bronze Plated Jewelry
  • Plated Jewelry
  • Men’s Jewelry
  • Handmade Jewelry


Our Clientele-

  • Small and large scale
  • Online Retailers
  • Chain Stores
  • Independent Retailers

Enrich your jewelry collection with an elegant range of affordable gemstone jewelry that suits your personality and clenches the thirst for aesthetic beauty. We cherish your choice and great sense of the ancient tradition of gemstone jewelry. Shop with us we will be delighted to serve you.