How To Select A Quality Wholesale Supplier for Your Silver Jewelry Business How To Select A Quality Wholesale Supplier for Your Silver Jewelry Business?


You need to put in a lot of effort and smart work to run a business. It takes time to set up and garner a business, a lot of patience is required, and there are always some risks involved. You need to consider several factors before you end up choosing a quality wholesale jewelry supplier for your sterling silver jewelry business. Let us glance through some of the crucial points that are indispensable before you begin your search for jewelry wholesalers as resellers.

    • In order to find Silver Jewelry Manufacturers: This is the step no. 1 that you need to take. Many Asian countries, such as Thailand, China, Indonesia, and India are countries that lead in the export of silver jewelry, especially sterling silver jewelry. Since there are many players that operate in these countries, you will find both good and average-quality silver jewelry that you can ship from these nations.
    • In order to Select a Wholesale Silver Jewelry Manufacturer: The base of any business is communication and healthy interaction. Whenever you are dealing with wholesale manufacturers who are based in different cities or even different countries, you must always rely on quality manufacturers.

Whenever you end up selecting a manufacturer, make sure that you have done the proper research which makes you bet on that particular manufacturer. Things such as trade fairs, surveys, webinars, and getting to know more about the working style of that manufacturer will help you select your dream manufacturer, the one with whom you can build a good relationship.

How To Check If The Supplier Is Genuine or Not?

How To Check If The Supplier Is Genuine or Not? How To Check If The Supplier Is Genuine or Not?

In order to check your supplier and get an insight into his legitimacy, you can ask your supplier to sell you limited jewelry which is in small numbers on a trial basis. When you purchase jewelry on a trial basis, not only will it enable you to evaluate its pricing and quality, but it will also allow you to see the seller’s punctuality and behavior. Hence, you will protect yourself from making a big and costly mistake in the long run just by running small tests initially.

Your Online Jewelry Business

Your Online Jewelry Business Your Online Jewelry Business

If you are thinking about starting your own online jewelry business, here are some points that you need to update yourself with and general things that you will learn after your own research:

    • Identify your Potential Customers: First and foremost, you need to identify your target audience, which is the target audience for silver jewelry. You need to learn everything around it – such as the changing market demands, the pattern or design of jewelry wanted by the consumers, the mood and preferences of the customers, and the exact match of jewelry for the lifestyle they live.
    • Make a decision whether you want to sell silver jewelry or not: To decide the place or in other words, the medium of selling, you need to understand which sites are preferred by your target audience. First, know how much time your ideal customers are spending searching for silver jewelry, and then, select the platform accordingly. The internet and the web are not something simple – it's huge. Be smart before you end up choosing your platform so as to attract maximum audience. Get a user-friendly website or in other words, an online e-commerce store and keep track of your incoming traffic regularly. Make changes whenever required. Grill on the data you get via analytics, and keep yourself updated with the results every quarter or so.
    • Don’t confuse your customers: Ensure that your website visitors are not confused and perplexed. These visitors can get converted into prospective buyers, so make sure you are clear about the approach through which you sell the jewelry, the kinds of jewelry available, shipping procedures, etc.
    • Get good quality images and product descriptions: Images play an important role in any online jewelry business. Take high-quality photographs of your jewelry and write good product descriptions in order to make your website user-friendly. Descriptions will also allow your visitors to easily understand your niche, so write great product descriptions.
    • Payment Gateway: Lastly, offer secured payment gateways, and ensure that the payment options are simple, so the user is able to buy what he desires without much hassle.

Things to Check in an Online Jewelry Supplier

Things to Check in an Online Jewelry Supplier Things to Check in an Online Jewelry Supplier

When you search on Google, you will find several online jewelry websites that sell jewelry in bulk. You can buy this jewelry at wholesale rates and then resell it. Before you opt to buy online jewelry in bulk, take note of a few points given below (this can also act as a checklist when you buy wholesale jewelry for resale):

    • When you browse the website, always take note of the jewelry code of the jewelry you intend to buy.
    • Look at the availability of different designs, stone settings, vermeils, and base metal options.
    • Compare the pricing of the jewelry you want to buy with multiple other websites to find the best deal. Make sure that you are not getting duped by being provided with a lower-grade stone or perhaps an imitation.
    • Many wholesalers provide bulk discounts, which is why, always check for discounts on bulk purchases.
    • Most wholesalers tend to ship their jewelry free of any delivery charge in case of a bulk order. Find out about this, and check for shipping charges, if any, in case of jewelry sold in smaller quantities.
    • You should always fill in your queries in the respective forms available on the website of online jewelry wholesalers. Hop on a video call to get your doubts cleared if you feel stuck regarding jewelry purchasing.
    • It is always better to get to know about the after-sales service policy of the wholesale jewelry seller by reading the seller’s customer reviews. In order to get a clear picture of how the seller provides his services, you have to read reviews of customers who have made purchases in the past.
    • Always check if EMI options and multiple payment options are available or not. If you are purchasing jewelry in bulk for resale, it means you are performing a huge transaction. This transaction needs to be secured, and EMI options make things much more lucrative.
    • Also get to know the return policy. Check if bulk purchases offer a return policy or not.

Final Thoughts

We know that the idea of starting your own business venture makes you excited, and for many, it is a dream. Although risky, with confidence, you can embark on this journey and if you persevere, you will get positive results. Your silver jewelry business will definitely flourish – all you need to do is perform proper research and do the work that needs to be put in.

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