What Makes Handmade Jewelry Unique What Makes Handmade Jewelry Unique


Handmade jewelry is not something new – it is the jewelry that has been sought after by kings and queens in older times, and in today's times, it has been a closet staple – for many decades. Whether you got your handmade jewelry designed by a jeweler which is one-of-a-kind, or you picked up a beautiful handcrafted piece of jewelry on your last vacation, you must have been having many pieces of handmade jewelry. One thing you can say by looking at the pieces of handmade jewelry in your collection, or any handmade jewelry piece you find in stores is, that handmade jewelry is very different and unique.

Our theory suggests that it is the artisan’s personal connection and their love for the craft they make that transforms an ordinary gemstone and a piece of metal into something of great value, and a unique masterpiece in and of itself. Through this blog, we will discuss what are the things that make handmade jewelry unique, but first, let us define what handmade jewelry is.

What is Handmade Jewelry or Handcrafted Jewelry?

What is Handmade Jewelry or Handcrafted Jewelry What is Handmade Jewelry or Handcrafted Jewelry

Simply put, handmade jewelry is any type of jewelry that is assembled and created by hand rather than the use of machines, with the only exception in machines being the ones that are guided by the human hand. Thus, in making handmade jewelry, the artisans use machines such as drills, lathes, and other machinery. Different parts of the world have different handmade jewelry because every culture has its own way of making handmade jewelry. Some of the styles of handmade jewelry include wire-wrapped jewelry, beaded jewelry, terracotta jewelry, wood jewelry, resin jewelry, enameled jewelry, and engraved jewelry. Now, let us discuss the things that make handmade jewelry unique.

Things that Make Handmade Jewelry Unique

Things that Make Handmade Jewelry Unique Things that Make Handmade Jewelry Unique

1. Every Handcrafted Piece is Naturally Unique

Each and every piece of handmade jewelry is made by hand, without using any kind of standardized machine. This means that every handcrafted ring, necklace, bracelet, or pendant you buy is unique and original and it can never be replicated, because even the replica will have some or the other variation. Apart from this, in the case of handmade jewelry made with gemstones, each piece will have some or other variation when it comes to the stone’s shape, its colors, and other features, such as the stone’s imperfections.

Thus, you can conclude that whether you are purchasing a moonstone ring with a hammered gold band or a turquoise bracelet finished with beads, each piece will surely look different from the previous one and will definitely be completely unique. If you are planning to purchase handmade jewelry, rest assured, that it's going to be one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable.

2. Handcrafted Jewelry is Purely a Work of Art

Artisans get ample opportunities to express their creativity when making handmade jewelry. Also, handmade jewelry requires a lot more precision when compared to machine-made jewelry. While machine-made jewelry (which is produced through the lost wax casting process) is created in molds that are exactly identical, thus creating multiple replicas of the same design, handmade jewelry is created by artisans who follow their keen eye and gut instincts.

Every artisan who creates handcrafted jewelry has an artistic vision in his mind of the jewelry he wants to create. Being devoted to this vision, he commits a significant amount of his time for creating the jewelry he imagined. The artisan tries his level best to highlight the natural beauty of each stone that he uses in his jewelry. Thus, there is a lot of room to be creative for the artisan when compared to standardized jewelry. The end result of all this is an artistic expression that suits the gemstone and vermeil used.

3. Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

The process through which raw materials for gemstone jewelry are procured can range from responsible, sustainable, and environmentally friendly to reckless and sketchy. A report published by Human Rights Watch in 2018 analyzed the sources of the top 13 leading jewelry houses, some of which included Rolex, Bulgari, and Cartier. The report found many discrepancies, among which one of the concerning things was that these jewelry houses were subpar when it came to tracking the source of their gold, silver, and gemstones. This showed that there were possible human rights risks associated with the mining techniques through which the gold, silver, and gemstones used by these companies were mined.

In contrast to these big jewelry houses, the people who carry out handmade jewelry operations work on a much smaller scale, and their products are way more personalized. The very nature of artisans making handmade jewelry is, to be picky about selecting the highest quality gemstones. This gives these artisans an edge and greater control over the sources they use for getting their raw materials. These artisans also have greater insight into the operations of procurement of gemstones and precious metals, thus allowing them to choose the source from the choices that are presented to them.

Artisans are typically close friends with their suppliers and are thus able to track the processes through which these materials are procured. This is why they make sure that the materials they procure have a positive environmental impact and they make sure that the raw material is ethically sourced. They even go to the extent of recycling fine materials wherever possible, to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

4. Handmade Jewelry is of Better Quality

A problem that many businesses across various industries face is, that once their operation is expanded on a large scale, it loses its quality. This is true in the world of jewelry as well. Customers may find that their favorite jewelry merchant has lost his specialty of offering high-quality jewelry once his business grows into a major operation.

This is not a problem in the case of handcrafted jewelry, because all the work is done by artisans. The process that goes into crafting a piece of handmade jewelry cannot be sped up by machinery and it will stay the exact same, no matter what. At the end of the day, you have a person who is making a handcrafted jewelry piece, not a machine. This is why the compromise in quality that you see with increased scale is not the case with handmade jewelry.


The above four things make handmade jewelry unique, and different from every other kind of jewelry out there. We hope that reading this article has increased your knowledge and appreciation for handmade jewelry. Are you a jewelry retailer, or perhaps a chain store looking to purchase wholesale handmade jewelry? If yes, then visit the website of Rananjay Exports – India’s most renowned wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier. From handmade jewelry and casting jewelry to designer jewelry and custom jewelry, they deal in all types of jewelry. So, browse their website and order the sterling silver jewelry, or gemstone jewelry you wish from Rananjay Exports now!