What Is Moonstone & How To Use It What Is Moonstone & How To Use It


If you’ve ever browsed in a gemstone shop or a shop that sells gemstone jewelry, you know how mesmerizing and mystical gemstones are. The physical beauty and lovely traits such as brilliance, adularescence, the play of colors, etc. are a few reasons why you might have thought of buying gemstones. Another reason for which you would have thought of buying gemstones or gemstone jewelry is, that you must have read through the healing properties and metaphysical attributes of these gemstones. The love for gemstones among people is not something new; desired for their physical beauty and loving energy, gemstones such as the moonstone have been used for thousands of years.

What is a Moonstone?

What Is Moonstone What Is Moonstone

A gemstone that shimmers like lunar beams, moonstone is an oligoclase or orthoclase feldspar (which is a mineral group) gemstone. Made up of sodium potassium aluminum silicate, moonstone has a pearly opalescent look. In simple terms, moonstones are a type of feldspar that are filled with alternating layers of oligoclase or orthoclase and albite. You would be amazed to know that feldspar, which is an abundant mineral, makes up 41 percent of Earth’s continental crust. Having a translucent look, moonstone generally comes in colors of grey and white, however, you can also find moonstones in orange, blue, green, pink, and brown colors.

When you talk about moonstone’s rating on the Mohs Hardness Scale, rest assured, it has got some thick skin in it… It ranks an impressive 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale, right below quartz and topaz.

If you are a June baby, you would be happy to know that moonstone is your birthstone. Moonstone is a classic Cancer birthstone that blesses everyone born in June. However, astrologers say that even those born under the zodiac of Libra and Scorpio can wear moonstone as it is beneficial to them. As a stone that aids in creativity and self-expression, moonstone is an excellent stone for all the artists and dancers out there.

Moon Magic Jewelry

Moon Magic Jewelry Moon Magic Jewelry

Moonstone is often set in sterling silver, titanium, and white gold when used in jewelry making. When it comes to moonstone jewelry, which is also known as moon magic jewelry by many jewelers, it is found in many varieties such as moonstone pendants, moonstone necklaces, moonstone rings, moonstone earrings, and moonstone bracelets. If you are thinking why moonstone jewelry is known as moon magic jewelry, well, it is because moonstones’ healing properties are often linked with the powers of the moon. This belief is the result of the name given to moonstone jewelry as moon magic jewelry. It does not matter whether you are interested in moonstone jewelry because of the gemstone itself, because of the design of the jewelry, or because of moonstone’s healing properties, this jewelry will surely brighten up your wardrobe life.

History of Moonstone

History of Moonstone History of Moonstone

If you are assuming that moonstone is just a trend, let us correct you, moonstones were just as popular during the ancient times as they are in today’s times. The ancient Romans believed that moonstone was a special gift given from the lunar goddess, or the goddess of the Moon, Diana. Romans carried moonstones with them in order to attract love, fortune, and wisdom. Also known as the “traveler’s stone”, travelers would wear moonstone jewelry so as to ensure that they would reach their destination safely, particularly if they were traveling by sea or at night.

Even the ancient Indians associated moonstones with their own deity of the Moon, Chandra. According to the Indian religion, Chandra possessed a stone on his forehead that dimmed or glowed whenever the moon waned or waxed.

In ancient India, moonstones were seen as a symbol of love and they were presented as traditional wedding gifts. People of those times believed that wearing a moonstone on a full moon day could help them in finding everlasting love.

Uses of Moonstone

Uses of Moonstone Uses of Moonstone

Rebalancing the energy system of the body, moonstone washes away any negative energy you have trapped inside of your body. People who place moonstones in their rooms experience harmony in that space. You can also employ moonstones when you feel that your tensions are running high. As an artist, you can use it when you crave more creativity and free expression.

Wearing moon magic jewelry is one of the best methods for connecting with the crystal on a deeper, spiritual level. Placing the stone in direct contact with your skin allows the maximum absorption of the moonstone’s energy into your body. The stones on your moonstone bracelet or perhaps a moonstone engagement ring will align your body’s vibrations and energy levels at the same frequency as the stones are in, while also aligning your chakras in this process.

How to Use Moon Magic Jewelry – A Guide to Cleansing and Charging Moonstone

How to Use Moon Magic Jewelry How to Use Moon Magic Jewelry

As with every healing crystal and gemstone, moonstones too, require to be cleansed and charged before you end up using them. The best method for cleansing moonstone jewelry is to cleanse and charge it with moonlight. Leave your moonstone jewelry in the moonlight on a full moon day for a complete night, and you will observe the stone react to moonlight, shed its negativity, and charge itself with fresh vibes. Apart from moonlight, you can also charge moonstone with salt water. Simply put two tablespoons of salt in a dish containing tap water, mix it well, and leave your moonstone jewelry in this solution for 10-12 hours. Once done, take the jewelry out, and wipe it with a soft cloth. This would also cleanse and charge your moon magic jewelry.

Lastly, although leaving moonstones in the moonlight will always benefit them, beware of leaving your moon magic jewelry in the sun and never, ever placing it in direct sunlight. The UV rays of the sun might damage the stone to the extent that the stone could permanently lose its color. So, to make sure that the colors of your moonstone jewelry do not fade, never use the sun in order to cleanse and charge the stone. Apart from sunlight, abrasives and detergents are also a no-go for cleansing moonstones.


So, we have reached the end of our moon magic exploration that we embarked upon. Needless to say, your journey with moonstones and moon magic jewelry need not end right here! The world is filled with endless possibilities when it comes to moonstones. Just as the ancient Indians did, you can manifest the love of your life and bring romance on a day-to-day basis with the magic of moonstones.

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