Opal Engagement Rings Opal Engagement Rings


Known for its fire-like appearance and unique iridescence, opals are one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. For centuries, it has been a belief that opals contain other gemstones inside them, and this is the reason why they radiate alluring patterns and color combinations. For instance, spots of green looked like emeralds, spots of red were assumed to be ruby, and thus, each opal was believed to be a cluster of different stones in one stone. As a result of this, opals were rated as one of the most aesthetically pleasing and desirable gemstones for jewelry making, and this is perhaps the reason why opal engagement rings have been a popular choice for people all around the world.

So, if you are someone who wants to propose to your partner, and you are looking for an engagement ring, but you don’t know which gemstone you should pick, consider the delightful opals. Don’t you find opals unique, eye-catching, and dreamy? Not only this, but an opal engagement ring can add a touch of romance and magic to your proposal. Through this blog, we will discuss the top 5 reasons why opal engagement rings are an ideal choice, but prior to that, let's discuss if it’s the right choice for your center stone.

Opal Engagement Ring: To Buy or To Not Buy

Opal Engagement Ring Opal Engagement Ring

Let's begin right away. Opals cannot be considered as durable as other gemstone counterparts, and no doubt, they are much more fragile than alternatives such as sapphires and diamonds. Although precious opals are considered a great choice for fine jewelry, setting them in your daily-wear ring, such as an opal engagement ring, puts the ring at high risk. But, there is no substitute for the unique beauty of opals, and no other gemstone can show a stunning play of colors as opals do. As long as you are aware of durability considerations, and you can take care of your opal engagement ring, we absolutely think that it’s a great choice for an engagement ring.

Using Opal in an Engagement Ring

Using Opal in an Engagement Ring Using Opal in an Engagement Ring

Although you can use opal as the center stone in your engagement ring, we recommend that you use opals as accent stones. Although this particular type of opal engagement ring will not have opal taking center stage, it will still provide a lovely look, which can complement many different types of center stones, such as diamonds, emeralds, and tourmaline. The plus point with using opal as an accent stone is, that you can get creative with the finished look since there are so many color options for opal, such as black opals, fire opals, crystal opals, white opals, etc.

Just remember that while opals are very affordable stones in comparison to diamond, and sapphire, black opal and fire opal are pricier than white opal, boulder opal, and crystal opal. If you are thinking about which cut should you go for when buying an opal engagement ring, consider a cabochon cut. This cut is famous for its slightly domed yet symmetrical top, and a flat base. Why shall you go for a cabochon cut? Well, because it enhances the vibrancy of the stone from all angles, thus improving the visibility of the play of colors. Never, ever go for faceted opals because the softness of the stone does not make it ideal to be faceted.

Setting also plays an important role, since some settings secure the stone more than others, because of which the opal in your engagement ring can stay in a more protected placement. Although the bezel setting will provide the most secure placement for opals set in an opal engagement ring, considering the prong setting for opals is also not bad either. Lastly, to accentuate the dreamy and ethereal nature of the opal set in the engagement ring, rose gold is the best metal choice. It’s the best and our favorite way to feature an opal.

5 Reasons Why Opal Engagement Ring Is a Good Choice

5 Reasons Why Opal Engagement Ring Is a Good Choice 5 Reasons Why Opal Engagement Ring Is a Good Choice

1. The Beautiful, Beloved Opals have no other Substitute

Opals are considered to be one of the top five most popular engagement ring stones because there is no other gemstone that has the same shimmering rainbow of colors as in the case of opals. Also, all opals are one of a kind, making them all individualistic. Opals are popular amongst many customers and they all have their hearts set on one or the other variety of opals.

And there is really no substitute for opals. The bright flashes of color that change with every angle, the broad range of colors represented, and the distinctive patterns that range from small pinpoints to large rolling flashes, are all unique in the sense that there is only one gemstone in the whole world that displays them – the opals.

2. Opals are Relatively Inexpensive

In comparison to other popular stone alternatives for engagement rings, opals are considered to be more affordable. Most of the white opals are sold in the market for $150 to $400. This is why, if the opal in your opal engagement ring gets damaged, and you need to replace the stone, the cost won't come to be prohibitive, and you could even get your stone replaced from time to time. We know that this doesn’t work for everyone – some people tend to have a strong attachment to their engagement ring. This is why, the idea of losing and replacing the center stone would feel like a major loss. In this case, trust your gut: if the idea of replacing opal in your engagement ring makes your heart sink, consider another gem as a center stone.

3. Opals Are Worn for Years

Another interesting thing that we need to point out regarding opals is, that people have been making and wearing opal rings for a very long time. You can find many opal rings in various museums in England, and many celebs have worn iconic opal rings. Also, we often wear anecdotes of opal rings being worn by prominent figures for decades without any major issue. So, you should consider purchasing an opal ring for your partner, if your partner loves opals.

4. Birthstone Status

Is your partner born in October? If your answer is a yes, then an opal engagement ring is a great choice for her. Known as the October birthstone, the opal is full of healing properties and metaphysical attributes. Not only this, the colors of opal are bound to win the heart of your girl. Through the opal ring, you can show your girl how well you know her, and mark the milestone of taking your relationship to the next stage.

5. Symbolism

Throughout the ages, opal gemstones have been associated with purity, hope, trust, commitment, and love. This makes opal as a stone for your engagement ring an excellent choice. Not only this, opal also symbolizes good luck and happiness, and this is exactly what you need to start the next chapter of your relationship.


Now, let us conclude: are opals a good choice for an engagement ring? Sure, they are! Choosing a design for your engagement ring is surely a personal and rather, an emotional choice, and through the help of this blog, we hope that you make an informed decision. If you have read everything available in this blog up until this point, we are sure that you have found out if opals are right for you or not when it comes to buying an engagement ring. Are you a jewelry retailer, or perhaps, a chain store looking for wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier?

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