How to Choose Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer How to Choose Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer

If you are reading this blog, we bet that you are a jewelry retailer or a reseller who deals in gemstone jewelry. The reason why you must have landed on this blog is because you have just started your journey as a jewelry retailer, or perhaps, you have had some shortcomings while purchasing jewelry from a manufacturer. You must have questions in your mind, questions like, how to assess the credibility of your wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer, how to find the perfect wholesale gemstone jewelry supplier, and how to choose the one manufacturer among many who would supply you with great jewelry.

In order for you to find an answer to all these questions, and choose the gemstone jewelry manufacturer of your dreams, go through this blog. In this blog, we’ll provide you with six tips for getting the gemstone jewelry you need for your establishment. So, let's begin with tip no. 1…

Tip 1: Perform an In-depth Research

While searching for the perfect gemstone jewelry manufacturer, make sure that you perform in-depth research with due diligence. You should start looking into wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturers and suppliers on Google, and also find any other relevant companies that specialize in gemstone jewelry. While doing all this, you have to ensure that you read reviews of each and every company. You can even ask the company for their portfolio so as to check on the pieces they have created and to make sure that they deal in the type of jewelry you want from them. Lastly, not only research the materials they use in making their jewelry but also ask how long it takes to create the gemstone jewelry, so you know how long you need to wait once you place your order.

Tip 2: Make Sure They are Reputable

As you select the gemstone jewelry manufacturer, you need to make sure that they are reputable and not a set of nobodies. You can perform research on the jewelry wholesalers in your area and speak to their previous customers by connecting with them on social media. After all, with Twitter and Instagram, everybody is just one tweet and one DM away. While speaking with these previously served customers, you need to ask them about their experience and the overall service they received. Check if the gemstone jewelry manufacturer uses high-grade gemstones, and delivers the order on time.

Tip 3: Get A List of References

You need to find multiple manufacturers before you end up choosing one of them to work with. And, one of the best ways in order to find a reliable gemstone jewelry manufacturer is by getting references who vouch for a particular manufacturer. You can ask your friends and family, go on various online forums, or read reviews on websites like Trustpilot to find these references. You can even contact the manufacturer and ask him to provide you with recommendations and references. Once you have jotted down a list of gemstone jewelry manufacturers and their respective references, it will be easy for you to make the final call when it comes to choosing the one you would like to work with. These references are nothing but a means to an end so you can gain confidence in the jewelry manufacturer you choose to work with.

Tip 4: Check Out Their Portfolio

While choosing a gemstone jewelry manufacturer, it is a must that you check their portfolio. And this is by far the most important part – you must take time to check the manufacturer’s portfolio. A good gemstone jewelry manufacturer will have an extensive selection of jewelry pieces they have created and designed in the past – and they would have this catalog in various gemstones, in various base metals and vermeils, and in numerous designs. Carefully look at this portfolio of theirs in order to get a better sense of the quality and range of styles your gemstone jewelry manufacturer offers.

Tip 5: Check if Their Gemstone Jewelry is Sustainably and Ethically Sourced

One more important thing you need to know is that consumers nowadays are becoming increasingly concerned about purchasing ethically sourced products extracted in a way that is sustainable for the environment. It does not matter if it's food, clothing, or jewelry, consumers prefer to support businesses that produce products in a cruelty-free manner with lesser environmental impacts.

Even in the jewelry sector, your customers would love to pay more and ditch your competitor provided your jewelry was ethically sourced, in a sustainable manner. This is why it is essential for you to make sure that your gemstone jewelry manufacturer’s metals and gemstones are sourced from genuine verified vendors who are certified in providing raw materials which are ethically sourced. Doing business with such a manufacturer would not only allow you to get high-end jewelry pieces for your customers, but it would also allow you to portray your brand in an environmentally friendly light.

Tip 6: Properly Discuss the Budget

One of the most important things you need to consider while choosing your gemstone jewelry manufacturer is your budget. It is extremely important that you discuss the specifics of your budget with your gemstone jewelry manufacturer upfront so that both you and your manufacturer know the parameters and boundaries within which things need to be worked out. You need to discuss the project details such as the grade of the gemstone that needs to be used (like AA, AAA, etc,), and the base metal that needs to be used (like 925 sterling silver, rose gold, white gold, etc.), vermeil that needs to be applied (like rose gold vermeil, yellow gold vermeil), how much intricate does the design need to be, or any other factors that could change the total costing of the jewelry.

This will allow you to get accurate pricing information from your manufacturer. You can then compare this price with prices that other manufacturers are offering, thus allowing you to get a clear picture of the market rate, and getting the best possible deal. In the process of discussing your budget, you can even inquire about other benefits that the gemstone jewelry manufacturer offers, such as bulk order discounts, shipping charges discounts, or any other discounts that might be available.


We hope that reading this particular article will enable you to find your dream gemstone jewelry manufacturer. As you browse the internet to visit the websites of these wholesalers, ask your friends and family for leads on gemstone jewelry manufacturers, and attend trade shows or jewelry networking events/ fairs held by Jewelers Associations, you will find multiple manufacturers to work with. It’s all up to you, you need to make the choice. Ensure that you keep the above factors in mind and just go for what feels right.

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