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In 1727, Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh founded the City of Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan and a state of Northern India. It has earned another name, "Pink City." The City is recognized for its beautiful pink color painted by Maharaja Ram Singh of Jaipur in 1876 to show the traditional color of hospitality when the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria visited India. Also, the Pink City of India was publicized as a World Heritage Site in 2019 by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

Around three centuries ago, the City's founder, Sawai Jai Singh, introduced the gemstone endeavor to Jaipur with the help of a few craftspeople. The founder of the city traced jewelers from across the India to move and designate gem-cutting shops in the pristine City. Over a period of time, the City has developed into an international center of jewelry and gemstones due to some of the world's most pleasing crafters being asked to settle there. These artisans handed over their jewelry-making expertism to their kids, and the convention resumed through the years.

The Pink City Jaipur has adjusted to the modifications to modernize and grow to be in competition globally. And during the era of the Mughals, King Akbar established a gem-cutting and polishing center in Jaipur, which is still well-known for its beautiful gemstone work. Some of the royal homes of Jaipur, known for their custom of the arts, played a crucial role in devising the city's endeavor in the gemstone industry.

Jaipur has become a heart for treasured and semi-precious stones for centuries, engaging consumers and merchandisers throughout the world. It is the 10th enormous city in India that mainly focuses on gemstones, gem-cutting, indulgence textile manufacturing, tourism, and communication technology. So, if you are curious about buying gemstone jewelry or beads, Jaipur must be on your must-visit list. The following points explain why and how Jaipur has become a gemstone city.

Wide Variety of Gemstones:-

There is an incredible variety of gemstones available in Jaipur. And this is the only and foremost reason why Jaipur is known as The Gemstone City. Gemstones range from standard stones like turquoise, emeralds, Opal, ruby, sapphire, amber, and pearls to unique and rare gems like tanzanite, labradorite, kyanite, and tourmaline. It even produces multiple semi-precious stones such as citrine, garnet, amethyst, and peridot. The most remarkable thing about Jaipur gemstones is that they are sold more loosely than curated in jewelry. Jaipur is famous for its rich heritage, a collection of trained crafters, and an extensive preference for colored stones; it should be the prominent choice for those looking to add a unique piece to their collection.

Assured Quality Gemstones:-

The City offers high-quality gems with ensured quality. The artisans of Jaipur are specialists in identifying the quality of gems and choosing the proper cut to bring out their natural beauty. Most of the shops in the city are certified with authenticity, which means you will surely get what you pay. Jaipur's gemstone industry follows strict grade standards to guarantee its customers the best quality gemstones. If you want to get the best quality gemstone, such as moonstone, emerald, jasper, turquoise, Larimar, sapphires, amethyst, or precise diamonds, Jaipur is considered the best spot to get it. Jaipur's gemstone industry has comprehensive modes of supply chain that make it uncomplicated to outline the root of the gemstones. Due to this, you can surely be confident in getting the best quality gemstones in the city.

Affordable Prices:-

Due to its prosperous history and deep sources, Jaipur offers the best quality gemstones at an affordable price. It is the best advantage to get gemstones from Jaipur because of its affordability, as these gemstones are crafted locally. Jaipur is the best cost-effective place to buy gemstones in bulk at wholesale rates, as it is famous for craftsmanship in cutting, designing, and polishing. So, no middleman expenses. Jaipur's gemstone market is renowned for its fair price policy. No one will charge you extra or unethically. There is a famous market for gemstones in Jaipur named Johari Bazaar. Not just the market, but there are many wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturers and suppliers in the Sitapura area, such as Rananjay Exports. To get your favorite authentic gemstones, Jaipur is the best option.

Jaipur gemstone market: Johari Bazaar

A gem dealer is called Johari in Hindi; that's how this market got its name, Johari Bazaar, which means "Market of Gem Dealers." The Johari Bazaar is a widespread gemstone market located in Jaipur. The city is famous for the beautiful and captivating gems found in this market. Johari Bazaar is the most considerable dealing market in the gemstones industry as well as the star attraction point for tourists. Not only gemstone jewelry; this market has a great variety of traditional Rajasthani jewelry, such as Polki, Lac, Thewa, Kundan, and Meenakari. Also, the market is famous for the best quality jewelry at economical prices. The market has two famous lanes; the first one is Gopalji ka Raasta, and the other one is Haldiyon ka Raasta. These lanes have many old and authentic shops that guarantee the purity of traditional and gemstone jewelry and also loose gems.

Home To The Gemstone Dealers:-

Jaipur City, also named Pink City, is home to most of the renowned gemstone merchants specializing in dealing in gems from all over the world. The capital of Rajasthan is world-famous for its gemstone dealing. Since ancient times, it has been the center of gemstone merchandise and provides training to those who want to enter this industry. It is famous for exceptionally selecting the most authentic and pure precious stones and semi-precious stones, such as Moldavite, ruby, emerald, labradorite, garnet, tourmaline, turquoise, tanzanite, quartz, sapphire, hassonite, etc. These gemstones are cut and polished in the city by intelligent and talented artisans. This famous art and talent of Jaipur people make the town worldwide famous for quality gemstones. From traditional designs to the latest trendy designs, Jaipur is the only ideal terminus for high-quality gemstone jewelry.


Here, it is all about the reason why Jaipur is known as The Gemstone City throughout the world. Jaipur is considered the best place for gemstones due to its wide variety of choices, inexpensive prices, high quality, and is home to many gemstone dealers. Whether you are a jewelry maker, collector, or gemstone lover, Jaipur has everything you require to find your ideal gemstone. Jaipur must be on your top list whenever you want to buy gemstones.