Cluster Setting Cluster Setting

What is Cluster Setting?

As the name suggests, in cluster setting, a bunch of mounted gemstones are clustered together. If it’s a diamond, then these groups of diamonds clustered together are set in a manner that creates an illusion of a big solitaire diamond. Since the smaller diamonds are set closely together, it creates a “cluster” effect, hence resembling a larger diamond. A cluster ring can have a large center stone or a group of smaller stones that are equal in size. Often, the gemstones in cluster rings form a geometric shape, such as a square, or a unique design, like a flower or starburst. It's not new that the cluster rings you will find in the market will have an antique look.

The stones in cluster setting can be set in two ways: through bezel setting and prong setting. If you are buying a ring with a cluster setting, it's not only important but crucial for you to look for quality craftsmanship, and you must ensure that the smaller diamonds are evenly and firmly placed so as to create a symmetrical and consistent pattern. If you are planning to set some budget for your cluster setting ring, then you need to know that the prices will vary greatly, depending upon the intricacy of the setting as well as the quality and carat size of the stone. But, if you compare a cluster setting ring with a solitaire setting ring, you will find that the total cost of small clustered diamonds is much less than a fat solitaire piece of equivalent weight, which is why the cluster setting ring will be less expensive.

This timeless and traditional style was extremely popular back in the 1980s and the late 2000s because it was the style of engagement ring worn by The Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Diana. Even today, this style of engagement ring is popular with people who choose a colored gemstone like Ruby, Emerald, or Sapphire rather than a diamond as the main stone, surrounded with small diamonds around that main stone (or center stone).

How can you identify Cluster Settings?

How can you identify Cluster Settings? How can you identify Cluster Settings?

    • In cluster ring setting, the diamond cluster generally involves many round brilliant cut diamonds in a prong setting. But, you will also find jewelry designers pouring their creativity by employing the use of other diamond shapes – like oval – when making a designer diamond cluster engagement ring and diamond cluster earring.
    • For setting the diamond, the prong setting is preferred over other diamond settings, because the pronged gemstones can be set side by side, or next to one another. Common or shared prongs are generally used, because this allows the minimum use of precious metal, such as silver or gold.
    • Less use of precious metals such as silver or gold ensures maximum fire or brilliance from each gemstone. This is why you can find that in jewelry (particularly rings) with cluster settings, there is an illusion of a solitaire diamond, even though it is formed by several smaller diamonds set together. But, this is not the only use case of cluster setting, since you can find clustering in other gemstone jewelry as well, such as in floral designs.
    • Another great and noticeable feature of cluster setting is the use of a huge center gemstone surrounded by multiple smaller diamonds. In designer jewelry, you will find it to be incorporated with several different styles without highlighting the center stone.
    • The surface area in which the clustered diamonds or gemstones are set is more as compared with a solitaire diamond of the same carat weight. If you are thinking why is it so, then the reason is the spacing between several small diamonds or gemstones in a piece of diamond jewelry (or gemstone jewelry).

Why Should You Opt For A Cluster Set Engagement Ring?

Why should you opt for a Cluster Set Engagement Ring Why should you opt for a Cluster Set Engagement Ring

You should opt for a cluster set engagement ring, mainly because of the following two reasons:

    • The cluster diamond setting allows the jewelry designer to create exclusive and innovative designs apart from classical and traditional pieces. Also, the diamond cluster engagement rings are a beautiful alternative option to the conventional solitaire engagement rings, which are much costlier than the cluster engagement rings.
    • Cluster setting can perform wonders when used in contemporary style jewelry as well as in vintage and antique designs. Also, many women feel that the antique cluster set engagement rings have a shade of old worldly charm and look very romantic, which is why, they feel special when they get one.

Cost-effectiveness of Cluster Setting

Cost-effectiveness of Cluster Setting Cost-effectiveness of Cluster Setting

If you compare cluster settings with solitaire settings, say in the case of a cluster engagement ring and solitaire engagement ring, then you will find that the cost of a diamond cluster engagement ring is much less than a diamond solitaire engagement ring, provided the total size appearance is same.

A solitaire diamond of one carat will cost much more when compared to a cluster of diamonds with a total weight of one carat, provided both have the same color and clarity. This is why clustering enables us to have a more total diamond (or gemstone) weight at a comparatively much lesser cost.


We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog on one of the most contemporary stone settings, the cluster setting. The cluster setting has a wide array of uses – since it is a popular gemstone setting, it is used as an engagement ring setting, earring setting, and pendant setting. Are you a jewelry retailer, looking for a wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier for getting jewelry in a cluster setting? If your answer is yes, then visit Rananjay Exports – not only do they deal in cluster settings, but they also sell jewelry in other jewelry settings as well, such as channel setting, prong setting, bezel setting, cluster setting, and tension setting. Also, they have a wide array of jewelry for you to choose from, such as 925 sterling silver jewelry, custom jewelry, casting jewelry, designer jewelry, and handmade jewelry.