Statement Jewelry & How to Customize It Statement Jewelry & How to Customize It


Have you ever heard the quote that says something along the lines of working until you no longer have to introduce yourself? It might be true, but perhaps, there are other ways of achieving the same goal, which doesn’t involve so much hard work that makes you a force to be reckoned with! One of these ways is to just own just one, or maybe two statement jewelry pieces that are unique and speak volumes about you and your personality.

Statement jewelry cannot be considered as just a way to enhance and showcase your features, rather, it is one of the best ways to express yourself and allow people to gauge your personality. You can bring your outfit to life almost instantly, anywhere and anytime by wearing the right piece of statement jewelry and side by side, flaunting your enhanced features as well. The best part of wearing statement jewelry is, you can wear a very simple outfit and still look absolutely stunning! In this blog post, we will explain everything about statement jewelry in detail. So, let’s begin.

What Does Statement Jewelry Mean?

What Does Statement Jewelry Mean? What Does Statement Jewelry Mean?

Statement jewelry is a jewelry piece, in any form, such as a necklace, earring, ring, or bracelet, which conveys a strong message about the wearer without saying a word. Not only is statement jewelry bold as well as unique, but it also helps the wearer portray who they actually are through their outward appearance, which at times, might look striking. Wearing statement jewelry that looks stylish and bold is nothing new – such as a fleeting trend, rather, it is something that even the ancient civilizations wore. For instance, the Egyptians used statement jewelry to show divine favor during their rituals and ceremonies.

Statement Jewelry in Historical Context

Statement Jewelry in Historical Context Statement Jewelry in Historical Context

The statement jewelry emerged as a result of the metalworking techniques being widely used in the art of jewelry making. If we talk about some of the earliest pieces of statement jewelry, then we have to talk about Egypt. Only in Egypt were some of these earliest pieces found, and in the jewelry boxes of various Egyptians of that time, you would find collar necklaces, thick cylindrical rings, and dangling earrings.

Even in the medieval era, which was around 1200 AD to 1500 AD, the royalty as well as the nobility wore silver, gold, as well as precious gems in the form of protective talismans and amulets. This jewelry also performed the function of reflecting the hierarchy within the society. In particular, the Roman civilization was very famous for their love of large statement rings.

Some of the Elements of Statement Jewelry

Some of the Elements of Statement Jewelry Some of the Elements of Statement Jewelry

In case you are designing your own statement jewelry, such as a custom statement jewelry piece, you need to consider the following elements:

    • Size – Anything that is big, in other words, jewelry that is sized larger in comparison to other jewelry pieces, has to be considered as statement jewelry. It is never the case that statement jewelry would get lost on the wearer. All types of statement jewelry – from statement necklaces worn around the neckline to statement rings worn over your fingers– cover a significant part of your body. Size is of the matter because you want to draw attention to yourself.
    • Shape – In today’s times, customized statement jewelry can be made in various shapes. This is because 3D printing technology has brought a revolution and has changed the shape of traditional jewelry. In today’s times, futuristic shapes are possible in gold, silver, ceramics, and polyamide with 3D printing.
    • Volume – If you wear a super chunky statement ring or super chunky statement bracelet, you have the volume. What volume in jewelry does is it makes the jewelry stand apart from its counterparts.
    • Quantity – You can create statement jewelry even with quantity. A classic example of this would be layering up or stacking up your jewelry. If you want to try this out, wear a dozen mix-and-match charm bracelets with other soft bracelets, and given the metal is similar in all these different bracelets, you have created your own statement jewelry piece.
    • Color – Statement jewelry can also be about color. Try wearing a long-hanging earring in blue sapphire and see how much these earrings garner the public’s attention.

Some General Rules for Wearing Statement Jewelry with Confidence

Some General Rules for Wearing Statement Jewelry with Confidence Some General Rules for Wearing Statement Jewelry with Confidence

    • Wear a statement piece which compliments your dress A unique piece of statement jewelry, such as custom statement jewelry, can work wonders if it complements well with the outfit that you wear. If you overcrowd your outfit with multiple distracting statement pieces, you will disappoint the people looking at you. Always remember that it does not matter which statement jewelry you wear, it is worn to look bold and make a statement. This is why you need to think of your outfit as a cohesive ensemble in which the outfit complements the jewelry very well. As a rule of thumb, the diamond jewelry and gold gemstone jewelry work very well with formal and neutral outfits, whereas the floral pieces look great with a feminine and romantic outfit. Also, ensure that you keep a balance while wearing statement jewelry.
    • Let your statement piece shine In case you are planning to wear your favorite gemstone necklace that makes a statement, remember that “less is more”. Keep your outfit simple, enabling your statement piece to take center stage. Also, keep in mind that big accessories are best worn along with simple clothing. Make sure that you avoid bold embroidery (such as sequins) and big floral prints while wearing bold, statement jewelry. This will allow your statement piece to stand out. Also, imagine your clothes to be the backdrop of the main event: provide the best conditions for your statement jewelry piece to be attention-grabbing and at times, daunting as well. A small black outfit can act as the perfect backdrop for bold statement rings, bracelets, and necklaces, allowing them to shine.
    • Choose the earrings you wear wisely Selecting the earrings that you feel are right for you and in sync with your outfit is not as hard as you think. It is all about getting the basic know-how of color and proportion. In case you are wearing a statement necklace, it is not recommended that you wear big statement earrings alongside the necklace. It's your choice – to either flaunt that statement necklace or showcase the big bold statement earrings. Another thing that you should make a note of while selecting statement earrings for your ears is, considering whether they enhance the features of your face and frame your face or they don’t match well with your facial features. It's also important to take a closer look at the color, length, and design of the earrings from the audience’s point of view. Lastly, let the statement earrings work in your favor as you wear them by keeping your hair in a simple black color. Also, to maintain balance between the hair and statement earrings in case your hair is long, keep the hair poker straight, sleek, or loosely wavy.
    • Statement Necklace In case you are going for a statement necklace, make sure that it matches the type of neckline you will be wearing as well as the necklace length you would like to wear it with. Generally, statement necklaces are worn higher on the neck against the skin, which sometimes peeks out from a partly open shirt. But there is nothing wrong with wearing longer statement pendants or necklaces over the top of simple clothing. You can also consider layering your necklaces which are in different sizes to add lots of interesting details, giving you a sparkling and brand-new look. A special note: wearing statement jewelry is not only about a single focal piece of jewelry. This is why sometimes, layering necklaces, too, can give an absolutely stunning appearance.
    • Statement Rings In general, people wear cocktail rings as statement rings because this is the tried and tested method. If you want to try this out, go for something that is bigger and bolder than what you usually wear. It is recommended that you do not wear any other rings, but you can choose your sentimental ring on one hand and the cocktail ring on the other. Other than cocktail rings, you can also wear a whole lot of different stacking rings. Here, all you need to do is wear the stacked ring set on different fingers to add a whole lot of sparkle and interest.

    Customized Statement Jewelry

    Customized Statement Jewelry Customized Statement Jewelry

    Are you looking for something unique when it comes to statement jewelry? Do you have a particular design in your head, which you saw somewhere on the internet that you cannot get your mind off of? If this is the case, then you can get your own customized statement jewelry ordered from a jewelry manufacturer. If you are a jewelry retailer, and you want to order custom statement jewelry from a wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier, then make sure that you order jewelry that matches the trend and is popular at the time of ordering.

    Also, while ordering custom statement jewelry, make sure that you have signed an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). It is important that the jewelry wholesaler protects your design, which essentially, is your intellectual property. Most wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturers, including Rananjay Exports, are ready to sign an NDA and they can give you surety that your design will never be disclosed from their end.


    It is always recommended that you invest in a piece or two of statement jewelry to transform your look from plain to bold and plush. So, go out and buy a statement necklace, earring, or bracelet and rock your look. As with custom statement jewelry, consider it to be an extension of personal style that will never go out of fashion. If you want to purchase statement jewelry for your retail establishment, consider going to India’s top wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturers and suppliers, Rananjay Exports – our statement jewelry designs are all made from 925 sterling silver, with many sparkling gemstone highlights.

    From the Seafoam Agate statement necklace and the labradorite statement necklace to the charoite statement cuff bracelet – you will find it all at Rananjay Exports. What’s more, you can order your own customized statement jewelry from them in over 250+ different gemstones – it does not matter whether you want Black Agate statement jewelry, Blue Agate statement jewelry, or Dendritic Agate statement jewelry – you will get it all at Rananjay Exports.

    The biggest benefit of shopping with them is, if you want to order gemstone jewelry or sterling silver jewelry in huge quantities, you can get that particular jewelry by gram – meaning, rather than pricing the jewelry based on the pieces you buy, they would price the jewelry based on its total weight in gram so that you could get more jewelry at a better price. We hope that you enjoyed reading this blog. Have a great day!