What Is Boho Jewelry & How to Customize It? What Is Boho Jewelry & How to Customize It?

What Is Boho Jewelry, or Bohemian Style Jewelry?

Most people do not think of jewelry when they hear the word bohemian, however, in today's times, more and more people are starting to wear bohemian-inspired pieces. This style of jewelry, often known as Boho jewelry, is often very expensive, high quality, and luxurious and consists of intricate details, with lots of different gemstones. Some of the typical pieces of boho jewelry include anklets, hoops, feather bracelets, crystal pendants, chokers with embellishment, and beaded necklaces.

Historically, boho jewelry or bohemian style jewelry was connected with the itinerant and gypsy communities in the Eastern Europe subcontinent. In today’s times, boho jewelry is mostly linked with peaceful people. Women of the 21st century who choose to follow this trend of wearing Boho jewelry often choose a lot of silver and colored semi-precious gemstones.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian Style Bohemian Style

The bohemian jewelry has a retro appeal which is liked by people of all ages. In the mid-1960s, during the hippy period, the first wave of Bohemian fashion emerged, and in today’s context, superstars like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have made boho jewelry quite trending. An example of boho jewelry would be a bracelet with five pearls, that have the same form but have small differences in their color, shape, and surface irregularities which differentiate one pearl from the next. These distinctions are the key defining characteristics of the Bohemian culture, which considers jewelry having unique craftsmanship as premium.

You can find boho jewelry in various styles – from one that is subtle to the one that makes a statement. Boho jewelry is indeed a great alternative to traditional jewelry and it looks fabulous when you wear it with other boho pieces. If you are someone looking to try out this trend but are not too comfortable in being the center of attention and you don’t want yourself to be associated with the hippie culture, then try out a simple delicate necklace and earrings without too many details.

And, if you do decide to wear a statement piece, then ensure that the focus of the people watching you is only on that one piece. Another counter-intuitive way of grabbing the attention of your audience would be to layer and fill your look with pieces that are luxe and feature contrasting materials, such as turquoise and leather.

Celebrities Wearing Boho Jewelry

Celebrities Wearing Boho Jewelry Celebrities Wearing Boho Jewelry

If you want to know about celebrities who wear boho jewelry, then you can look at Kate Moss, who wore a bohemian-inspired outfit on her 45th birthday. She is known for setting trends with her effortless fashion sense when it comes to boho jewelry. Historically, in the 1990s, Sienna Miller was the first celebrity to bring boho style to the mainstream. You can find her various photos in a cool-girl look where she wears gypsy pieces and shows how much she is inspired by boho jewelry.

The History Behind Boho Jewelry

The History Behind Boho Jewelry The History Behind Boho Jewelry

If you look in the Cambridge dictionary, then boho or bohemian is defined as a person who is interested in unusual or artistic things, such as art, literature, or music and lives life in an informal way, ignoring the usually accepted ways of living and behaving. People who wear boho jewelry are often free-spirited, which is why they renounce formal conventions and follow their spirits to whichever place it may lead them to. In its essence, the bohemian style embraces individuality, a free-spirited way of life, and uniqueness in all forms.

While the perfect poster girl for bohemian fashion icons is Stevie Nicks, other celebrities like Donna Summer, Chaka Khan, Janis Joplin, Zoe Kravitz, Sienna Miller, and the Olsen twins have also rocked with their own unique boho-style outfits and boho jewelry. Some of the few elements that are classical when it comes to boho jewelry are earthy and organic colors, the use of natural materials such as leather, layering, floral detailing, flowy and feminine style, and statement pieces.

Customized Boho Jewelry

Customized Boho Jewelry Customized Boho Jewelry

There are many ways of turning a piece of boho jewelry into one of your own creations. Not only should you try to add your desired gemstones, but you should also go to the specifics, like selecting the gemstones of your own desired grade, and you should also select elements within the jewelry that have their own unique symbolism and representation. For instance, amethyst stands for peace, healing, positive energy, and calming your nervous system, while tourmaline stands for friendship, kinship, love, and understanding. This way of getting custom boho jewelry is thus, in essence, experiential jewelry. Such customized boho jewelry, when worn, will become wearable art that reflects the unique taste and personality of the wearer.

When you look at custom boho jewelry, you will observe that natural elements and components are commonly used within their making so as to stress the user’s relationship with nature. Also, when it comes to boho jewelry, people prefer natural objects over artificial creations. Customized boho jewelry is often thick and heavy, with several sections in the jewelry that add texture and complexity to the piece. The most popular customized boho jewelry are long chains, brooches, thick wristbands, and chandelier earrings.

Materials Employed in Making Boho Jewelry

Materials Employed in Making Boho Jewelry Materials Employed in Making Boho Jewelry

It does not matter whether you look at bohemian-style clothes or boho jewelry, the bohemian style in its very essence places a lot of focus on the use of organic elements. Some of the materials used in making boho jewelry pieces are as follows:

  • Polished wooden pieces
  • Shells and Corals, especially those that have unique patterns or hues within them
  • Internal designs or swirls in naturally sourced and authentic gemstones such as aquamarine
  • Pearls, particularly the ones that would be dismissed by discriminating jewelers because of their unique form
  • Organic materials such as amber, stone, leather, or fossil bits.


It does not matter whether you are shopping for an unforgettable gift for your loved ones, or you are trying to find a unique boho jewelry piece for your own personal collection, selecting boho jewelry is a wonderful way of expressing yourself and what you love. We hope that this comprehensive blog about boho jewelry helped you in gaining a better understanding. Do you want to shop for custom boho jewelry, with which you can create your own memories? If yes, then browse the official website of Rananjay Exports – India’s top wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier – where you can find both, sterling silver jewelry as well as gemstone jewelry.

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