Valentine’s Day Special: Gemstones For Her Valentine’s Day Special: Gemstones For Her


Valentine’s Day, a day to show appreciation to your significant other by giving them a gift, is indeed a special occasion. While you can plan several types of gifts, such as a romantic getaway, a relaxing spa day, or a dinner at an upscale restaurant, gemstone jewelry adds an extra element to these common gifts. Gemstones such as ruby and pink sapphire represent what is inside your heart, and by opting for gemstone jewelry, you can give your significant other the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Rest assured; your partner will love and appreciate your gift which shows that you are glad to have them in your life.

In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 gemstones that can be gifted on Valentine’s Day, as well as how can you make this Valentine’s Day special for your partner. But first of all, let us know the history of Valentine’s Day and its association with St. Valentine.

History Of Valentine’s Day and Its Association with St. Valentine

History Of Valentine’s Day and Its Association with St. Valentine History Of Valentine’s Day and Its Association with St. Valentine

Initially, the 14th of February used to be a Christian Holiday. Why? Well, because this day was celebrated as a day to honor and remember Saint Valentine. He was a holy priest in ancient Rome, who was executed on this same date back in 270 A.D. by Emperor Claudius II.

If you look at the historical context, then, according to various memoirs, you will find that Emperor Claudius II was a cruel emperor. He was trying to find soldiers for his upcoming conquests, but he was having a hard time recruiting them since they were strongly attached to their wives, children, and families. In order to get soldiers to join his military league and solve his problem, he banned all engagements and marriages in all of Rome.

Saint Valentine defied the emperor’s ban on marriages because he believed that marriages were a gift from God. This is why Valentine continued performing the holy ritual of marriage for young lovers in complete secrecy. If you go by the Roman legends, then you will find that Saint Valentine himself wore a purple amethyst ring with Cupid carved on it. This cupid ring helped the citizens of Rome and soldiers interested in marriage find and recognize Valentine, and take his marriage services. However, the turn of events brought an unhappy ending to this story: eventually, Saint Valentine’s actions were discovered, which was why he was put in jail and sentenced to death.

But the legacy of Saint Valentine is alive to this date; even in today’s times, Valentine’s Day is extremely popular for proposing to your partner for marriage.

Top 5 Gemstone Jewelry That Can Be Gifted on Valentine’s Day

Top 5 Gemstone Jewelry That Can Be Gifted on Valentine’s Day Top 5 Gemstone Jewelry That Can Be Gifted on Valentine’s Day

Nowadays, gemstone jewelry is considered to be one of the most romantic gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Not only do these gemstones carry great healing properties and metaphysical attributes, but they are also beautiful-looking and have special meanings associated with them. In the spiritual community, you will find gemstones for success, gemstones for moving on, and gemstones for romance. Check out the top 5 gemstone jewelry that you can gift your partner this Valentine’s Day.


Emerald is a gemstone well known for strengthening romantic relationships as well as marriages. As a stone of successful love, Emerald can unite you two, thereby enabling you to become each other’s best friends and biggest supporters. The gorgeous green in this gemstone is said to symbolize unconditional love. In case you are planning to gift your partner an emerald, you can go with an Emerald Ring – not only does it radiate class, but it also shows how strong your love is.


In case you are looking for a gemstone that would reinforce love and devotion in your relationship, you should go for garnet jewelry. This stone is well known for strengthening the passion and dedication among couples. For some people, garnet increases sexual intimacy, while for others, it deepens the bond they have. In case you are planning to gift your partner garnet jewelry, go with a garnet pendant necklace – a simple yet profound way of letting them know how much you care for them.


If your relationship lacks mutual understanding, and you want to bring back the element of trust in your relationship, you should heavily rely on tourmaline jewelry. Tourmaline is also believed to be a natural aphrodisiac that brings romance to all levels of the wearer’s life. In case you are planning to gift your partner tourmaline jewelry, a tourmaline necklace would be one of the prettiest options available in the market.


Ruby, with its fiery colors, is one of the best gems you can gift your partner this Valentine’s Day. From back in history to this date, it has been a wedding gem because it embodies passion and love. As far as Ruby's healing properties go, this gem is said to fire up the passion in the relationship and drive away negative energies that cause toxicity and drama inside relationships. If you are planning to gift your partner ruby jewelry, then go for a ruby ring. It would be a beautiful addition to your partner’s jewelry collection.

Rose Quartz

This stone, also known as “the stone of unconditional love”, is for couples who can stand the test of time. Gifting rose quartz jewelry to your partner this Valentine’s Day would allow them to remind themselves of the importance of self-love and self-care. A delicate rose quartz ring or a simple rose quartz pendant would be the perfect choice to give your partner this Valentine’s Day. What’s more, rose quartz is indeed not as expensive as other gemstones, which is why it is something you should think of if you want to go low-key.

Make This Valentine's Special for Her with Custom Made Rings

Make This Valentine's Special for Her with Custom Made Rings Make This Valentine's Special for Her with Custom Made Rings

The gifts that are most liked by women are the ones that are the most personal. This is why, custom rings and engraved couple bands are one of the best options when it comes to gifting your significant other a personalized gift. After all, we all love things that speak to our hearts and resonate with our identity. You must be thinking, where can you get custom-made rings, as well as custom jewelry? Well, as a customer, going online and searching on Google will give you countless results from jewelers and stores (online as well as offline) who deal in customized jewelry. From these stores, you can get customized rings in any gemstone – such as custom moonstone ring, custom opal ring, etc.

If all that you want is just a custom couple band with your name engraved on it, you can go to an online custom jewelry design portal and design your jewelry all by yourself. You can also visit your local jeweler or local chain store selling custom jewelry to choose the type of gemstones, base metals, cuts, and ring settings and create the perfect custom ring you have in mind. Lastly, engraving your name on the ring would make it even more special and give an extra touch of romance.


We know, that choosing a gift for your significant other for the occasion of Valentine’s Day is making you anxious. Don’t worry, it is natural for you to feel these complex emotions – it is a sign of how much you love your partner. Among all the different possibilities, gemstone jewelry is the best Valentine’s Day gift that you can give to your partner. We hope that the above recommendation of gemstone jewelry will help you find your ideal piece.

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