Pave Setting Pave Setting

If more sparkle means more fun to you, and you desire to have a piece of jewelry with the look of a thousand sparkling stars, then pave setting is the setting you need to go for. It’s a brilliant stone setting style in which the gemstones tend to easily hide the metal and give an all-sparkly look, which indeed looks romantic. Let us learn everything about the pave setting style.

What Pave Setting Actually Is

What Pave Setting Actually Is What Pave Setting Actually Is

The word pave means ‘to pave’ or ‘lay paving over’. This word is originally derived from the French term ‘pave’ which is pronounced as ‘pah-vay’. Within the pave setting, small gemstones or diamonds are held by very small metal prongs or beads to cover a portion of the jewelry. When properly set, the gemstones create the appearance of a glittering path, which is used to draw more attention to the center of the gemstone which is full of sparkle. The glittering path is also one of the key selling points of this beautiful stone setting.

Also, if you are thinking that people looking at the jewelry may feel it unappealing due to the metal prongs present in this setting, then, look closely – the metal prongs tend to go unnoticed, and all you see is the effect of continuous sparkle. This setting is mainly used to adorn the shoulders of a ring, create a halo, or adorn the bale of a pendant. You would also find pave-set accents covering the entire surface or anywhere in the design where a sparkling outline is of requirement.

Different Types of Pave Settings

Different Types of Pave Settings Types of Pave Settings

If you are thinking that there is only just one type of pave setting available in the market, you are wrong my friend as there is much more to this intricate and versatile stone setting. Here are a few different types of pave settings available in the market that can add more sparkle to any designer jewelry:

Micro Pave

When numerous small gemstones are used to cover an entire band or produce an all-surface dazzling look, they are set in a micro pave setting. Extremely small gemstones, such as diamonds of less than 0.01 carat weight each, are set close to one another, and arranged in several rows. The micro-pave setting can secure at least 50 small diamonds or more. Looking at the micro-pave setting, you will find It to be an intricate work of art that requires expert craftsmanship and some serious precision.

U-Cut Pave

The U-cut pave setting is one of the most popular pave settings. This name has been derived from the U-shaped grooves that are cut and drilled into the metal to create a scalloped or wavy pattern. You will find the gemstones set into these grooves shining from all angles. If you compare this setting to other types of pave settings, you will find that the diamond-to-metal ratio in this setting is higher, which allows more light to reflect on the diamonds.

French Pave

The French pave, commonly known as fishtail pave, features V-shaped intricate metalwork on the front, appearing like zigzag edges of a fishtail. Similarly to the U-cut pave, in the French pave, the metal is barely visible on the top and the gemstones grab most of the attention with their sparkle. The French pave style is quite unique due to its interesting texture and intricate work.

Petite Pave

The petite pave setting is very similar if compared with the traditional pave setting. The only difference in the petite pave setting is, that it secures the gemstones using incredibly small prongs. This makes the gemstone accent much more visible and prominent.

Bright Cut Pave

The bright cut pave, also known as channel-set pave, is a traditional pave setting preferred when you want your accent stones to be extra durable. The metal walls present in bright cut pave provide extra protection to the gemstone melees held within the tiny prongs. Also, these metal walls allow space for milgrain or filigree detailing. However, the gemstones used in bright cut pave settings tend to have a reduced sparkle because of the increased metal-to-diamond ratio.

Advantages of Pave Setting

Advantages of Pave Setting Advantages of Pave Setting

    • Through pave setting, you can add an extra amount of sparkle to your jewelry design. If you are purchasing diamond jewelry with this setting, you will find the jewelry to have a brilliant, starry effect.
    • Pave setting is especially helpful in bringing attention to the main stone as well as enhancing the overall sparkle of the jewelry.
    • Because the pave setting is a flexible setting, it can be incorporated into a variety of different designs, be it a modern design, classic design, or vintage design.
    • If your focal stone has less sparkle, then the pave set accent stones around the focal stone will amplify the overall sparkle and lend a balanced look. And the best part about this is, you get all this at an affordable price tag.

Disadvantages of Pave Setting

Disadvantages of Pave Setting Disadvantages of Pave Setting

    • The biggest problem in rings employing the use of pave setting is, that it is difficult to resize your ring if the entire shank is covered with the pave-set gemstones.
    • Because small grooves and areas are present in the pave-set gemstone jewelry, dirt can get collected in these grooves and areas, because of which you will find it troublesome to clean the jewelry.
    • Although the pave setting is considered to be quite safe and durable for everyday wear, there is a slight likelihood that some of the gemstones in your jewelry may get dislodged or lost when struck hard.


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