Gemstone Settings For Your Handmade Jewellery Designs Gemstone Settings For Your Handmade Jewellery Designs


There are many various techniques for setting stones, each of which is designed to showcase gemstones in a unique way and result in beautiful Gemstone Jewelry. Other types of stone settings permit clusters of gems to be viewed as a group rather than raising and dramatizing a single stone as some settings do. There are specific stone setting methods with meticulous craftsmanship meant to draw attention to the highlighted design. In other instances, the setting technique is done to guard against excessive wear on a delicate stone. The procedures for setting stones are described here.

Cabochon Setting

Cabochon Setting Cabochon Setting

A cabochon setting is frequently one of the first settings that a jeweler learns to construct. Since this is a great spot to learn the fundamentals of setting creation and how to arrange gemstones in a "North, South, East, and West" configuration, this is where most people start. It is best suited for flat-backed stones with a rose cut top (big facets) or a smooth, curved top. The terms rubover and bezel are also used to describe this configuration. No matter the shape of the stone, whether it has a flat (or flattish) back or not, you can use this style of setting in your designs with cabochon stones. A baseplate made of silver (or gold) sheet and a strip of bezel wire or fine silver strip (0.3mm or 0.5mm thick) that you then put over the gemstone to secure it in place serve as the basic components of the setting.

Grain Setting

Grain Setting Grain Setting

Grain setting transports you back to the era of vintage. Grain settings could be a nice choice if you want your designs to have a slightly old vibe. By using a graver to make tiny beads, which are then pushed over the edges of the stone to secure it in place, diamonds (or other faceted gemstones) are set into the metal closely together to give the appearance of a band of stones. Your Gemstone Jewelry will have an attractive and timeless appearance thanks to the setting's design. This setting frequently complements jewelry made of 925 Sterling Silver. Sometimes the metal is pressed over the stone with such little force that the setting is hardly visible. Although it is a complex technique, it works well when setting tiny faceted stones to give them a vintage air.

Tube Setting

Tube Setting Tube Setting

Another type of gemstone setting that is often learned early on while learning how to set gemstones is the tube setting. It resembles a bezel setting in that you rub the wall of the setting over the stone. These jewels, however, may only be used with round diamonds because they are created with prefabricated tubes. Such a setting is suitable for both cabochons and faceted (diamond-shaped) gemstones.

However, it is typically used for smaller, round Gemstone with diamond cuts. The tube should be slightly wider than the stone you want to place, and you should use a round or setting burr in a pin vice or pendant motor to thin the bezel so the stone will drop into the setting. If you go, use enough of the upper portion of the metal to lightly push or rub the bezel wall. This stone girdle will keep you secure.

Collet Setting

Collet Setting Collet Setting

Once you have mastered the basic stone setting techniques, you might wish to experiment with some of the more intricate setting designs and setting types. The collet setup is an excellent first step. With the exception of the walls being slightly tapered instead of being straight, this setting resembles a tube setting. Because of its excellent design, it is perfect for engagement rings. Round collet settings for tiny stones can be created using tubing and a collet block, a device with a number of divots where you lay your tubing, and a special punch that aids in achieving the ideal taper. For bigger stone blocks, a collet can be used to fine-tune the form while sheet metal is used to create the setting.

If you buy fancy-shaped collet blocks, you can also make tapered collets in those shapes. If you want to make tapered fancy-shaped collets in particular, these collet blocks are worth the extra money even though they are normally more expensive than round collet blocks.

Channel Setting

Channel Setting Channel Setting

It's a lovely and opulent setting to know about. It is one of the more difficult stone setting procedures, so make sure you are familiar with soldering and the easier types of setting before attempting channel setting. Accuracy is essential for channel setting as well. While round and square gemstones are the most popular forms used in this sort of stone setting, you simply carve a channel for the gemstones to sit in.

This method is suited for most faceted stone shapes and gives the Gemstone Jewelry great look. Depending on the design and the channel settings, in both conventional and modern fashion. This setting is seen both in the Handmade Jewelry, and the Custom Jewelry.

Wax Carved Stone Settings

Wax Carved Stone Settings Wax Carved Stone Settings

A contemporary method of jewelry setting is wax carving. Stone settings can be made differently using the more contemporary Waxing Carving technique, especially the trickier complex shape ones. You sculpt the setting to fit around your chosen gemstone using wax carving tools. Like Polly Wales' exquisite jewelry, you can either have the gemstones cast straight into the metal, or you can have the item made in your preferred metal and then have the stone placed as you would normally do.

Claw Or Basket Setting

Claw Or Basket Setting Claw Or Basket Setting

You will soon want to learn how to design and set stones in claw (also known as basket) settings if you want to start selling anniversary or engagement rings as a part of your Gemstone Jewelry Collections. Claw settings come in both single and double gallery styles, and they are a wonderful way to set faceted stones so that you can see as much of the diamond or gemstone as you can. You primarily set faceted stones in claw settings but you can also set flat-backed cabochons with claws by adapting the technique slightly.


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