Gems Factory in Jaipur Gems Factory in Jaipur


The city of Jaipur which lies in the Indian state of Rajasthan is famous for quite a few things. Also known as the Pink City, Jaipur is famous for its magnificent monuments, vibrant markets, and cultural heritage sites. Apart from all these things, Jaipur is also famous for its gemstone jewelry, and gold jewelry, and it houses many factories that produce wholesale gemstone jewelry. One such gem factory in Jaipur that is renowned for producing wholesale gemstone jewelry and wholesale sterling silver jewelry is Rananjay Exports. Rananjay Exports stands as a testament to Jaipur City’s legacy of producing jewelry with exquisite craftsmanship. The visionary and skilled artisans of this gemstone jewelry factory have made Rananjay Exports a prime hub for quality jewelry.

Bestowal of Craftsmanship

Bestowal of Craftsmanship Bestowal of Craftsmanship

Rananjay Exports has a rich legacy, which dates back to its humble beginnings about 20 years ago. This gemstone jewelry factory was founded by a circle of highly skilled jewelers who moved to Jaipur with a vision in their minds of creating jewelry that would be admired by generations and cherished all over the world. As the years passed, each and every artisan working at the factory remained committed to excellence, and thus, we have built a solid reputation for creating gemstone jewelry with each piece meticulously crafted. Another reason for our solid reputation as a gemstone jewelry factory is that our artisans have honed their craft for over 2 decades, which is why, whatever they make is nothing but perfect.

Gemstones Used at Rananjay Exports

Gemstones Used at Rananjay Exports Gemstones Used at Rananjay Exports

At Rananjay Exports, the gemstones used are curated via a 2-step process. The first part of this process is the selection of gemstones, which in and of itself is a meticulous process. The factory sources its gemstones from various parts all around the world, ensuring that only the best, finest, and most precious gemstones make it to the workshop. From getting emeralds and rubies to sourcing semi-precious gemstones such as larimar, turquoise, moldavite, amethyst, and opal, Rananjay Exports takes immense pride in curating a stunning collection of gemstones which we then use in creating exquisite and unique jewelry pieces.

The second part of this process is taking these raw gemstones to our expert lapidaries, or gem cutters, who cut these gemstones. Depending upon the type of gemstone and their requirement in the jewelry, the gemstone gets cut as faceted gemstones, or in cabochons. Stones such as sapphire, amethyst, garnet, ruby, etc. get cut in facets, while gemstones such as opal, larimar, agate, jasper, etc. get cut in cabochons. From there, they get to become a part of our casting jewelry, handmade jewelry, designer jewelry, or custom jewelry.

Mastery over Design

At Rananjay Exports, the design of the jewelry is at the heart of every piece that we create. Our factory has a team of skilled designers who not only combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary aesthetics but also create unique jewelry that is both timeless and modern. From intricately designed necklaces to delicate rings, every piece created at Rananjay Exports is conceptualized and thought of to reflect the beauty of gemstones set in it. Last but not least, Rananjay Exports also offers customized jewelry (or custom-made jewelry), allowing our clients to get a one-of-a-kind piece that is tailored to their individual needs, and get jewelry that has the design they desire and want.

The Art of Gemstone Cutting and Polishing

The Art of Gemstone Cutting and Polishing The Art of Gemstone Cutting and Polishing

The skilled craftsmen and artisans at Rananjay Exports are experts at bringing out the true beauty of each and every gemstone. Using their years of experience in the art of cutting and polishing, they enhance the brilliance and clarity of gemstones while ensuring that the unique traits and characteristics of the gemstone that make it natural are preserved. With an eye for detail, our artisans masterfully shape every gemstone, from its raw crystal or mineral form to the finished, faceted, or cabochon stone.

Flawless Jewelry Manufacturing

After a gemstone gets cut and polished, it is carefully sent to the factory’s craftsmen, who specialize in jewelry manufacturing. Each and every single piece of jewelry undergoes a diligent production process and quality checks at each stage, where the skilled artisans carefully set the gemstones into the required stone setting. Attention is paid to every minute detail, from the intricate metalwork that accentuates the charm of each piece to the placement of smaller accent stones which makes the jewelry even more beautiful.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

Rananjay Exports takes immense pride in being committed to ethical and sustainable practices. Our factory makes sure that all the gemstones that are used in making jewelry are sustainably sourced in an ethical manner. Not only this, but the manufacturing process prioritizes environmentally friendly practices, trying to reduce its carbon footprint and minimizing the waste produced. At Rananjay Exports, we believe in making beautiful jewelry that not only is loved by our customers but also contributes positively and makes this world a better place.

Accredited with Certificate of Importer-Exporter Code

Accredited with Certificate of Importer-Exporter Code Accredited with Certificate of Importer-Exporter Code

It does not matter which business it is, if it is involved in import and export activities, it requires the Certificate of Importer-Exporter Code, which is issued by DGFT (Director-General of Foreign Trade). Without this certificate, you can neither export nor import goods from India. Also, those who do not possess this certificate miss out on some of the benefits provided by the DGFT.

It's not easy for any business to get this certificate – every business that has this certificate has to qualify for certain aspects to get this certificate. Since we have been in business for 20+ years, we, Rananjay Exports, are registered under the Import Export Code. Thus, we are authorized to do business across local boundaries. Here is a link to the Certificate -


Rananjay Exports is a gemstone jewelry factory in Jaipur that expresses the legacy of artistry and craftsmanship the city is known for. From the diligent selection of gemstones and mastery over jewelry’s design to the great manufacturing process and quality checks at every step of the way, each piece of jewelry created at Rananjay Exports is a testament to the vision and skill of its craftsmen.

With our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, Rananjay Exports not only creates exquisite designer jewelry but also contributes to making this world a better place, both for us and for future generations. In case you are looking for jewelry that is a testament to timeless elegance as well as the beauty of gemstones, Rananjay Exports is the place to explore true craftsmanship.