Customized September Birthstone Jewelry Customized September Birthstone Jewelry


The September birthstone is Lapis Lazuli, a traditionally blue stone, sometimes with golden pyrite inclusions. This semi-precious gemstone has been a beloved and versatile jewel, having various meanings. We will discuss this September birthstone, but first, let us go over some of the facts about the month of September.

This month comes from the Latin word ‘septem’, meaning seven, because back in the day, September was the seventh month when the year used to start with March. September represents the beginning of autumn, harvesting crops, and a new school year. In today's times, September symbolizes service, self-reflection, and abundance. You must be thinking, does the September birthstone Lapis Lazuli serve these ideas that are symbolized by September? Let us find out, as we dive into the basics of Lapis lazuli, its chemical characteristics, its meaning, the healing properties of lapis, and its history.

The Basics of the September Birthstone: What Is Lapis Lazuli?

The Basics of the September Birthstone: What Is Lapis Lazuli The Basics of the September Birthstone: What Is Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is a beautiful lush blue gemstone with specs of gold (which is none other than specks of pyrite) that glimmer along its surface. This semi-precious gemstone exudes the harmony and serenity of the sea and the sky. As a September born, lapis lazuli is one of your birthstones. You might like lapis lazuli as your September birthstone if you find the traditional sapphire or peridot a little too flashy. Also, lapis lazuli is the traditional gemstone of the 9th wedding anniversary, which is why if you and your spouse are planning to celebrate your 9th wedding anniversary, a lapis lazuli ring or perhaps a lapis lazuli necklace would be the perfect gift for her.

As far as zodiacs are concerned, lapis is a brilliant stone for all Librans out there. The chill vibes of lapis lazuli will allow you, as a Libran, to enjoy the Luxe Libra Life, and the soothing deep blue hues with just enough sparkle will help you stand apart from the crowd. If you are an astrology lover, and because of this you are contemplating which planet rules Lapis Lazuli, then we have good news for you: Lapis Lazuli is ruled by planet Saturn, which governs the zodiac sign Capricorn. The posh gold flakes and the wintery ultramarine hues make lapis a perfect stone for every Capricorn’s understated elegance.

Chemical Characteristics of The September Birthstone

Chemical Characteristics of the September Birthstone Chemical Characteristics of the September Birthstone

If you are thinking that Lapis lazuli is a mineral, then let us correct you: it’s not a mineral; rather, it’s a metamorphic rock. Although this stone never has a consistent chemical composition, a few minerals do remain the same within every lapis specimen, or in other words, a few minerals are always present in any given lapis specimen. One of the stone’s key mineral components is lazurite, which is a sodalite mineral formed of silicate, chloride, sulfur, and sulfate. It is necessary for Lazurite to make up at least 25% or more of the stone for it to be counted as Lapis Lazuli.

Have you ever thought about what gives lapis lazuli a golden and white color? Well, its pyrite and calcite present in the lapis lazuli specimen. Other minerals that can be present in a lapis lazuli specimen include sodalite, diopside, and mica. If you talk about the ranking of Lapis on the Mohs scale of hardness, then we have to say that it can vary: lapis lazuli can rank anywhere between 3 to 6.5. Why is this so? Well, because the hardness of any given lapis specimen depends on how much each mineral (calcite and pyrite, to be particular) is present in it.

Lapis Lazuli Meaning

Lapis Lazuli Meaning Lapis Lazuli Meaning

Before jumping into the meaning of Lapis Lazuli, let us find why is it given such a tongue-twisting name. Initially, lapis lazuli was called Lajevard by the Persians, because its discovery occurred in an area called Lajevard. The term lajevard means ‘heaven’ or ‘sky’. Some of the Persian legends said that lapis was the only gemstone that had the wisdom of the entire universe. Perhaps this is why two of the stone’s nicknames are “stone of heaven” and “stone of the gods”. Now, you must be thinking, about how the name ‘lapis lazuli’ came into existence. Well, the answer is, Latin came in later with lapis for “stone” and lazuli for “azure blue”.

The ancient Egyptians decoded the meaning of lapis lazuli stone as truth. Judges that were present in ancient Egypt wore Lapis amulets carved with the Goddess of Truth, Ma’at so they could make truthful judgments. According to another Egyptian legend, the hairs of the sun god Ra were made from Lapis Lazuli. Carvings of Ptah, who is another Egyptian god, who is believed to have created power, life, and stability, were also composed of Lapis.

Healing Properties of the September Birthstone

Healing Properties of the September Birthstone Healing Properties of the September Birthstone

It does not matter which healing crystal you have, all of them possess the energy that can aid in your spiritual, emotional, and physical journey. Since lapis lazuli is one of the blue gemstones, it brings wisdom, inspiration, and serenity to your life. Physically, lapis lazuli jewelry may help you in relieving your inflammation, insomnia, and throat problems. In addition to this, lapis lazuli jewelry is also said to boost the respiratory system, immune system, and nervous system.

The emotional healing properties of Lapis Lazuli revolve around the ability to communicate. Lapis lazuli jewelry enables us to examine the truth behind our pains and traumas, helping us to accept them without any judgments and preconceived notions of any sort. This is the reason why lapis lazuli jewelry makes us confident. Beyond these benefits, the lapis lazuli jewelry turns us into a better listener. This beautiful gemstone reminds us to speak with empathy and put our relationships above our desire to win the quote-unquote “petty arguments”.

Custom September Birthstone Jewelry for Jewelry Retailers

Custom September Birthstone Jewelry for Jewelry Retailers Custom September Birthstone Jewelry for Jewelry Retailers

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