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The gemstone designated as the November Birthstone is none other than citrine, a gem that radiates the autumnal colors of the November season. The name “November” has been derived from the Latin word “novem”, which means "nine”. This was so because back in the older Roman calendar, November was the ninth month.

In the month of November, the ancient Romans celebrated many festivals such as Ludi Plebeii (Plebeian Games), Brumalia (winter solstice festival), and Epulum Jovis (honoring Jupiter). In today's times, the popular holidays of November include Thanksgiving Day and Veterans Day in the USA, along with the Mexican Day of the Dead and Christian All Saints’ Day. In general, the month of November symbolizes gratitude, transition, and unity. Is the November birthstone, Citrine parallel to its symbolism? Let's find out as we go over the history, meanings, and properties of citrine.

Significance of November Birthstone

Significance of November Birthstone Significance of November Birthstone

If you go over the internet trying to find the November birthstone, you will find citrine along with topaz. You must be thinking about why November has two birthstones. The short answer is, that topaz was the traditional November birthstone, while citrine was added to the list later. And the long answer is…

The first birthstone list was created back in the 1st and 5th centuries which was inspired by biblical lists of twelve gemstones. During that time, Topaz used to be the designated November birthstone. The first standardized list was created by the National Association of Jewelers (which is now known as Jewelers of America) in 1912. This list listed topaz is the November birthstone. In 1937, another list published by the National Association of Goldsmiths listed Topaz as the November birthstone.

But, in 1952, the Jewelry Industry Council of America amended the 1912 list created by the National Association of Jewelers and added citrine as the November birthstone because it was more affordable than topaz. Today, the most recent US list mentions citrine as well as topaz as the birthstone for November.

November Birthstone’s Historical Connections

November Birthstone’s Historical Connections November Birthstone’s Historical Connections

If you look at historical records, the first civilization to ever use citrine was Ancient Greece. Greeks used citrine around 300 to 150 BC and connected it to the goddess of harvest, Demeter. The ancient Roman priests often wore carved citrine rings. The ancient Egyptians associated the November birthstone, citrine, with the Sun god, Ra, and the Goddess of War, Sekhmet. The Chinese emperors used to wear citrine jewelry to attract prosperity and broaden their minds. The Scottish soldiers and mercenaries often put citrine on their weapons.

About Citrine

About Citrine About Citrine

Citrine is nothing but a type of silica mineral quartz that comes in a range of yellow hues. This category of quartz is formed in igneous rocks, geodes, and metamorphic rocks. Most of the citrine found in the jewelry market is none other than heat-treated varieties of quartz, such as heat-treated amethyst and heat-treated smoky quartz. As the second most abundant mineral found on Earth’s surface, varieties of quartz can be found everywhere. Other types of quartz crystals include bloodstone, crystal quartz, and amethyst. Since silica is pretty tough, it has various uses. Also, since silica is tough, citrine ranks at an impressive 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Most of the citrine used in making jewelry comes from Brazil, however, there are other sources of citrine as well, such as Madagascar, Uruguay, Mexico, Bolivia, and Spain. As the most popular yellow gem, citrine’s color is the result of trace amounts of iron impurities present in it. The varying amounts of iron lead to different citrine shades, including golden-yellow, pale yellow, reddish-orange, orange, and brownish-orange.

Meaning of The November Birthstone

Meaning of the November Birthstone Meaning of the November Birthstone

The November birthstone, citrine symbolizes optimism, joy, and success. Many Chinese legends refer to citrine as the “success stone” because it can manifest abundance and help with the achievement of wealth. This reputation of citrine that it helps its wearer become abundant has led to citrine being nicknamed “the merchant’s gemstone” or “the success stone”. If you see the Egyptian culture, then citrine is connected to Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war. Not only does Sekhmet act as the protector of Pharos, but she also offers cures and heals to her followers. Similar to Egyptian culture, even the Hindu and Celtic culture had their beliefs around citrine. While the Hindus thought of citrine as a gemstone that would protect their beauty and well-being, the Celts and the Scots wore protective citrine talismans to avoid snake bites and plagues.

Healing Properties of The November Birthstone

Healing Properties of the November Birthstone Healing Properties of the November Birthstone

If we talk about the healing properties of citrine jewelry, then physically, it relieves the issues with digestion and sleep. Citrine jewelry can also strengthen the digestive tract, helping your system in getting rid of toxins. If you are someone dealing with nightmares, then you can use citrine to relieve them. Not only does citrine help with nightmares, but it also increases energy in anyone facing chronic fatigue. In terms of emotional healing, citrine jewelry can help anyone trying to overcome his or her fears and push them out of the grief cycle. The energetic detoxing properties of citrine jewelry help the wearer eliminate negative vibrations and open the mind up to more positive ideas and perspectives. Lastly, the citrine gemstone helps its user to align and balance the solar plexus chakra and sacral chakra.

Custom November Birthstone Jewelry for Jewelry Retailers

Custom November Birthstone Jewelry for Jewelry Retailers Custom November Birthstone Jewelry for Jewelry Retailers

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November is a month of transition – from the warmth of the sun to a more wintery, chiller weather and shorter days. Wearing the jewelry made of November birthstone will enrich your life and spread happiness and warmth all around you. As a stone that has journeyed from the swords of Scottish soldiers to the Art Deco collections of rockstars and movie gods, citrine is a widely popular gem. Now that you have learned everything about this November birthstone, you can browse our other blogs to gain valuable insights from them, or you can browse Rananjay Exports and order the jewelry you need. Rest assured, you will find all types of citrine jewelry on their website, be it a citrine ring, citrine earring, citrine pendant, citrine bracelet, or citrine necklace.