Customized June Birthstone Jewelry Customized June Birthstone Jewelry


The official June birthstone is none other than the beautiful moonstone. We will discuss the history, healing properties, physical characteristics, and allure of June birthstone, but first, let us go over some of the facts related to June.

June was known as Lunius or Junius in ancient Rome because it was named after Juno, the goddess of marriage, or the Latin iuniores meaning "youth.” The ancient festivals celebrated in the month of June included the Vestalia (in honor of the goddess of the heart Vesta for re-purifying Rome), Rosalia (festival of roses), and the summer solstice, which is the first day of summer.

Summer solstice, the first day of summer, is celebrated even today, along with modern June holidays like Father’s Day, International Children’s Day, and LGBTQ+ Pride Month. Associated with love marriages, with wedding season peaking in the month of June, this month indeed represents rejuvenation, balance, and excitement. Without further ado, let us hop on to the historical & cultural significance of June birthstones.

Cultural & Historical Importance of June Birthstones

Cultural & Historical Importance of June Birthstones Cultural & Historical Importance of June Birthstone

The birthstone lists of the early days which were derived from the Biblical texts interpreted agate and emerald as the June birthstones. The first standardized list that mentioned moonstone as the June birthstone was the one created in 1912 by Jewelers of America (earlier known as the National Association of Jewelers).

The name “moonstone” is inspired by moonstone’s nature to appear to glow from within like soft moonlight. This scientific phenomenon of the soft glow of moonstone is known as adularescence. Many historically intrusting myths go around moonstone. For instance, ancient Roman legends said that moonstone was formed when the rays of moonlight hardened, and it was a gift from Diana, the moon goddess. Romans even gazed into the moonstone to receive love and wisdom from Diana.

Similarly, the ancient Greeks used to call this stone Aphroselene, a word made by combining the words “Aphrodite” and “Selene” (who is the moon goddess). They linked this June birthstone to Artemis, who was the goddess of chastity and hunt, and Hecate, the goddess of magic. Travelers also used moonstone jewelry to protect themselves from impending danger, which is why moonstone – the June birthstone is also nicknamed “traveler’s stone”.

Physical Characteristics of Moonstone

Physical Characteristics of Moonstone Physical Characteristics of Moonstone

Moonstone is not only one of the most accessible birthstones among all the 12 different birthstones of 12 months, but it is also the most stunning. Moonstone is made up of thin, alternating layers of feldspar albite and oligoclase or orthoclase. As light enters through these layers, you will find moonstone’s adularescence, which is its signature floating, internal glow.

The best moonstones available in the market are found to be colorless with pure blue adularescence. But this June birthstone can also be found in shades such as green, peach, or orange. Most moonstones are cut in cabochons, however, you will also find moonstones to be faceted, since faceting moonstones tend to hide their flaws and enhance their sparkle as well. Other ways in which moonstones can be cut include beads and carvings.

Meaning of Moonstone

Meaning of Moonstone Meaning of Moonstone

Moonstone is tied to the divine feminine energy, wisdom, and intuition of the moon. Historically, magicians used this June birthstone for spells and they used to do this spellwork strategically, based on the moon’s current phase. Crystal healers believed that moonstones could cure insomnia. And many mystics used moonstone as a tool to focus properly during their meditation. Ancient Greeks as well as Indians believed that moonstone could facilitate their ability of foresight, which is why during the full moon, people used to put moonstones in their mouths to see their future.

Where are Moonstones Mined From?

Where are Moonstones Mined From? Where are Moonstones Mined From?

Moonstones are mined all across the globe, specifically, in New Carolina, New Mexico, Myanmar, Virginia, Brazil, Tanzania, and Madagascar. However, India and Sri Lanka are the major moonstone producers. The Sri Lankan moonstones have a colorless background and blue sheen which makes them the most popular and liked by jewelry enthusiasts. However, since most of the Sri Lankan moonstones are mined out, these moonstones command a huge price in the market. Whereas, the Indian moonstones are abundantly found and are available at affordable prices, with the only drawback being they are generally found in colors ranging from green, orange, and brown.

Healing Properties of Moonstone Jewelry

Healing Properties of Moonstone Jewelry Healing Properties of Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone possesses many metaphysical attributes and healing properties. Being a gem for intuition and balance, moonstone jewelry helps the wearer channel his or her feminine side. Moonstone jewelry helps in distinguishing what is wanted versus what is merely needed in life. As you wear moonstone jewelry on a daily basis, you will feel that you are out of the clutches of negative energies, and through its help, you will eventually heal yourself. Apart from all the above-mentioned benefits, moonstone jewelry is believed to increase mental clarity, and it also has a calming effect on the nervous system, promoting peaceful sleep and good dreams.

Custom June Birthstone Jewelry for Jewelry Retailers

Custom June Birthstone Jewelry for Jewelry Retailers Custom June Birthstone Jewelry for Jewelry Retailers

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