Customized July Birthstone Jewelry Customized July Birthstone Jewelry


The radiant ruby is the July birthstone and it blesses all those born in the month of July. The bold red color of ruby matches July – as July is linked to light-heartedness, fun, and contentment. Have you ever thought about whom July was named after? Well, in 44 BC, it was named after the famous Roman dictator, Julius Caesar. Before this, the ancient Romans called the month of July “Quintilis,” meaning “fifth.” It was when March started the year, and July was the fifth month of the calendar.

Also, in ancient times, it was believed that July was overseen by the sky god Jupiter and the king of gods, Zeus. Apollo, the sun god, was also a prominent feature of July events. Besides the sun, another star linked to July is the brightest star, Sirius. Now that we have known what July month is all about, let us learn about the July birthstone, Ruby. We will go over the history, meanings, properties, and clean and care instructions of this wonderful stone.

Cultural & Historical Significance of Ruby: The July Birthstone

Cultural & Historical Significance of Ruby: The July Birthstone Cultural & Historical Significance of Ruby: The July Birthstone

Not only is Ruby the traditional July birthstone, but it is also the traditional 15th, 40th, and 80th wedding anniversary gemstone, which is why, gifting your spouse ruby jewelry on these anniversaries is a great idea. The name of this gemstone comes from the Latin word “Rubeus” which can be roughly translated to “red.”

The oldest known ruby found by humans is a 2.5 billion-year-old specimen, which was discovered in Greenland in an expedition in 2021. But historically, rubies are found in south and southeast Asia, especially Myanmar (previously called Burma) and India. Rubies have been mined in Myanmar since 2500 BC, and the proof of this is the Stone Age tools found in Mogok Valley. The oldest records of rubies which were found in Myanmar date back to the 6th century AD. For around 800 years, Mogok used to be the top source of high-quality rubies.

The July birthstone, ruby, also has a history with Hinduism and India in general. The Sanskrit word for ruby was Ratnaraj, which meant “king of precious stones”. Vedic astrologers recommended people with strong sun placements to wear ruby since it would give them blessings of the sun god Surya. Also, in medieval times, Hindus offered rubies to the Hindu God Krishna, hoping that Krishna’s blessing would enable them to be born as emperors and kings in their next births.

Rubies: A Geological Marvel

Ruby is a mineral, a sub-type of red corundum to be specific. All other colors of red corundum fall under sapphires. Since ruby is a variety of corundum, it is the second hardest gemstone after diamond, ranking 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. Corundum is formed inside igneous rocks that are aluminum-rich – provided they are silicon-free. It can also be formed in case aluminum-rich water runs through sea-beds, altering the minerals present in corundum. The various impurities present alongside aluminum oxide impart different colors to rubies, from its signature red hue to the pigeon blood color.

Spiritual Connections and Symbolism of July Birthstone

Over the past recent years, rubies have garnered a quite spiritual reputation. Some of the metaphysical nicknames of rubies include Stone of Love, Stone of Prophecy, Stone of Protection, Stone of Passion, and Stone of Manifestation. Ancient societies including the Brotherhood of Templars believed that Rubies grant the wearer courage and invincibility. Other people in ancient times used rubies as healing stones for treating problems such as blood loss, inflammation, and blood circulation-related issues. Another popular belief surrounding this gemstone was that it protects those wearing ruby jewelry on their left hand from danger. In Eastern traditions, sometimes rubies were used to represent the third eye in Buddha statues.

Healing Properties of Ruby Jewelry: The July Birthstone Jewelry

Healing Properties of Ruby Jewelry: The July Birthstone Jewelry Healing Properties of Ruby Jewelry: The July Birthstone Jewelry

Ruby jewelry is said to improve the blood circulation of the body, also helping it to detoxify. Ruby can also be used in treating mild fevers and acute infections. It is said that rubies offer protection by encouraging a positive state of mind, allowing the wearer of ruby jewelry to be courageous even in the toughest situations. If your work life has turned toxic because of your new manager, or if you are dealing with a lot of negative energies in general, then it is recommended for you to wear ruby jewelry so as to ensure your safety from those energies. Many crystal healers also encourage the use of ruby jewelry, because they believe that it alleviates body pain, improves vital force, aids in heart problems, and allows the wearer to calm down and relax.

Clean and Care Instructions for Ruby

Clean and Care Instructions for Ruby Clean and Care Instructions for Ruby

Because of Ruby’s high rating on the Mohs hardness scale, it is considered to be a fairly durable gemstone that can easily handle daily wear and tear. Although there are no special precautions for ruby jewelry that you need to take, as in the case of opal, moonstone, larimar, and moldavite jewelry, keep in mind that any gemstone will abrade and scratch if you don’t take its proper care. As far as Ruby jewelry’s cleaning goes, clean it with a gentle solution that is specially made for jewelry purposes. Like any gemstone jewelry, it is necessary that you get your Ruby jewelry checked and cleaned by a jewelry professional every once in a while. Also, when you don’t wear your favorite piece of ruby jewelry, store it in a jewelry box lined with soft fabric.

Custom July Birthstone Jewelry for Jewelry Retailers

Custom July Birthstone Jewelry for Jewelry Retailers Custom July Birthstone Jewelry for Jewelry Retailers

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Rubies are timeless legendary gems that sparkle with the excitement and warmth of the summer. The July babies can commemorate their birthdays with this great gorgeous gemstone. Are you ready to purchase ruby jewelry, like ruby rings, ruby earrings, ruby pendants, or ruby bracelets as a jewelry retailer? If yes, then head straight to Rananjay Exports – India’s top wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier – where not only will you get ruby birthstone jewelry, but you will also get wholesale gemstone jewelry and 925 sterling silver jewelry. If you are reading this article here, then, without a doubt, we can say that you loved this article. Thanks for dropping by, and make sure that you read our other blogs as well. Alternatively, you can order the jewelry you need by browsing Rananjay’s website. Goodbye!