Customized January Birthstone Jewelry Customized January Birthstone Jewelry


The famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle, said the following lines about garnet – “The garnet is a red gem, but not like the ruby, its red is much more like that of a flame. If correctly cut and polished, it will reveal all its beauty and perfection.” If what he said was coming from his authentic self, then we can assume, that Aristotle loved garnet.

And, the Greek philosophers were not the only ones who were enchanted by the beauty of garnet gemstones. Ancient Chinese, Egyptians, and Romans were in love with garnet as well. If you have a deep interest in mythology and religion, you will find that many myths used garnet as a symbol – from representing the blood of Jesus Christ to illuminating Noah’s ark.

If you want to imagine garnet, see the snapshot of a bright red seed of pomegranate in your mind’s eye – that’s what garnet stone looks like. Many exciting legends, as well as lore, surround the meaning of this January birthstone, so without further ado, let's jump into the history and origins of Garnet.

History & Origin of Garnet

History & Origin of Garnet Garnet History & Origin

If you look at the legends mentioned in history books, you will find that the name “Garnet” has been derived from a Greek love story. The god of the underworld, Hades, gave pomegranate seeds – ‘garantus’ – to the goddess of sunshine, Persephone, prior to her return to Earth, signifying the emotional bond and love between two separated lovers. In ancient Rome, garnet was believed to protect travelers. How? Well, in the presence of sparkling garnet, travelers were alerted of impending danger. Even in the ancient Chinese culture, red gemstones such as Garnet and Ruby were believed to be tiger’s souls that were turned into beautiful red gems after their death.

Back in the 11th century, the Crusaders would attach garnets to their armor hoping that this January Birthstone’s mystical powers would guide them to safety, and even victory. During the Middle Ages, garnet was considered to be a good luck charm if someone gifted it to you. Along with this belief, another widespread belief was, that this gemstone would bestow bad luck to anyone who would steal it. In ancient Egypt, people believed that wearing garnet jewelry such as a garnet ring, garnet earring, or garnet pendant garnet necklace would mend broken relationships. Without a doubt, we can claim that wearing this January birthstone will make you look great and feel right!

Physical Properties of Garnet

Physical Properties of Garnet Physical Properties of Garnet

Garnet is found to come in various colors besides the famous deep red variant. Without a doubt, you can say that garnet is one of the most diverse stones in chemical composition as well as color. Also, garnet comes in many varieties and is indeed perfect for any occasion. If you are someone who is interested in garnet birthstone jewelry, then here is a piece of good news for you – you can find your favorite garnet jewelry in blue, green, orange, purple, pink, yellow, and more! Normally, garnet is never treated in any shape or form, and then too, it tends to give a rich vibrant hue.

You can cut garnet in a variety of shapes and styles for making January birthstone jewelry. On the Mohs Hardness Scale, garnet rates from 7 to 7.5 which means that it is durable and holds up very well in any type of jewelry, such as garnet ring or garnet bracelet if cared for properly. If you want to carefully see the garnet’s sparkle, you need to look at it under soft lighting. Candlelight setting is said to bring the best play of light in garnets. If you look in the market, over 20 different types of garnets are available, which includes the gem grade varieties as well.

Garnet’s Healing Properties

Garnet’s Healing Properties Garnet’s Healing Properties

Across many cultures, it has been believed that garnet jewelry cleanses and balances energy. Many psychic mediums, channelers, and people of the spiritual community regard garnet as a great stone precious in healing and self-empowering oneself. Indigenous Americans used to wear garnet jewelry because they believed that it was capable of protecting them from injury and poison. Because of garnet’s deep red color, they are associated with the heart, blood, and inner fire (which is the life force or vital force). When it comes to symbolism, garnets symbolize love. Also, when given to a friend, garnet jewelry can symbolize his safe return.

Apart from the above beliefs, many people also think of garnet jewelry as something that provides courage when facing homelessness. Garnet jewelry is said to empower people by opening up the heart chakra to the vibrations of unconditional love and helping them let go of old behavioral patterns that no longer serve them. In other words, owning and wearing a piece of garnet jewelry can offer multiple benefits.

Garnet, the January birthstone, is said to bring the January babies to love, health, friendship, luck, and loyalty. In addition to all this, it is a tradition for married couples to gift their partner a garnet ring or other garnet jewelry on their 2nd and 18th wedding anniversary.

Taking Care of Your Favorite Garnet Jewelry

Taking Care of Your Favorite Garnet Jewelry Taking Care of Your Favorite Garnet Jewelry

Garnets are not the sturdiest gemstones. This is why, garnet jewelry can get damaged if it is not handled carefully while cleaning or when you wear it. Also, you need to save your garnet jewelry from excessive heat because heat can cause garnet to lose its color. When storing garnet jewelry along with other gemstone jewelry in a jewelry box, make sure that it is kept in a separate compartment because too much contact can leave scratches and streaks. In case you find your favorite garnet seems to fade or perhaps, you see scratches on your garnet, let a professional handle it.

While cleaning your garnet jewelry, it is recommended that you use lukewarm soapy water. You can also use ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning garnets, but as a word of caution, you should avoid it in case your garnet gem has fractures in it. Steam cleaning is not recommended for cleaning garnet jewelry. In case your garnet has been treated by fracture filling, you should use only and only warm soapy water for cleaning it.

How to Customize January Birthstone Jewelry

How to Customize January Birthstone Jewelry How to Customize January Birthstone Jewelry

If you are looking for customized January birthstone jewelry, then, you have three options. Either, you can go to a chain store, and get something made for you from their stock, based on your liking. Here, you will save some money because these large chain stores buy metal and gemstones in bulk. In case you are looking to save some money, it is recommended that you go to the chain stores. The only problem here is, that your custom birthstone jewelry may not be one of a kind, since it resembles one of the many designs those chain stores have.

The second option for you is to seek out an independent jewelry designer, who would cost a little more, but whose designed jewelry will be one of a kind, like a limited edition piece. Here, you can get your jewelry designed as per your needs, and it is you who chooses all the intricacies and details of the jewelry. This jewelry would make a statement, reveal your inner truths, and empower you through daily reminders of what you love and cherish.

The third and last option is for jewelry retailers. As a jewelry retailer, you can check out wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturers and suppliers, like Rananjay Exports, and order your customized garnet jewelry. Here, from the design and grade of the gemstone used to the base metal of the jewelry and plating used in the jewelry, you control it all.


It does not matter when you are born – the January birthstone jewelry can make any of your outfits look good. A simple garnet ring or garnet pendant with faceted cuts will simply look brilliant on anyone. In the party ensemble, you will find your garnet necklace and garnet bracelet steal the show. In case you are a jewelry retailer who has stumbled upon this blog for garnet birthstone jewelry, you should browse our website. We are Rananjay Exports – India’s top wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier. Apart from gemstone jewelry in over 250+ different authentic gemstones, we also deal in casting jewelry, custom jewelry, handmade jewelry, designer jewelry, and sterling silver jewelry. So don’t wait, order from Rananjay Exports now!