Customized February Birthstone Jewellery Customized February Birthstone Jewellery


February babies – who are born in the shortest month of the year – have numerous reasons for being loved. Some of them? Well, first of all, February babies’ hearts overflow with love and compassion. And secondly, February babies are big on giving. We guess this is why people born in the month of February are blessed with Amethyst as their birthstone. Do you wish to know more about amethyst – the February birthstone? Do you want to know why amethyst is a perfect match for uber-creative and extremely emotional February babies? If yes, then buckle up and get ready to learn everything about Amethyst – in this blog, we will discuss everything about amethyst.

Amethyst: The Beautiful February Birthstone

Amethyst: The Beautiful February Birthstone Amethyst: The Beautiful February Birthstone

If you are a February baby, you have a lot in common with amethyst. And it is not just the stunning looks or the inner sparkle – February birthstone Amethyst is relaxing, joyful, a bit mysterious, and soothing – just like all our February borns. Also, amethyst’s beautiful deep purple hues indicate the vibrant spirit of all our February babies. We know how intense these February borns are when it comes to following their feelings and expressing them emotionally. The depth of colors in amethyst symbolizes how loving February babies are, especially for their partners.

Also, amethyst, an extraordinary gem in and of itself, represents inner peace and divine wisdom, indicating the mental fortitude and warrior spirit that February Borns possesses. Also, the amethyst birthstone provides a calming and soothing effect to all those who are born in the month of February. This matches the nature of February borns, who like to be in comfort, like sit back and just chill.

Do You Know?

The name ‘amethyst’ has been derived from the Greek word ‘amethystos’ which roughly translates to ‘not drunken’. It was believed by the Greeks that Amethyst had the ability to ward off drunkenness or intoxication, so you could enjoy drinking without getting a hangover the very next day. But, it's too good to be true, and just a myth.

Also, in 1912, amethyst was selected officially by the Jewelers of America to be the gemstone for February. This was how amethyst was declared as the official birthstone for the month of February. Now, let's discuss amethyst in a historical context…

Amethyst History

Amethyst History Amethyst History

For thousands of years, amethyst has mesmerized the whole of mankind and you will find interesting legends which surround this purple beauty. People say that even St. Valentine was a big fan of amethyst and he wore a big amethyst ring with a Cupid carved on it. During ancient times, in Greece as well as in Rome, there used to be a widespread belief in people that amethyst could help them get rid of intoxication. These people also wore amethyst to remain clear-headed and quick-witted, especially when they were getting involved themselves in some business or any intellectual endeavor.

Mining Locations of Amethyst

Mining Locations of Amethyst Mining Locations of Amethyst

Back in the older days, amethyst was considered to be as precious as ruby, emerald, and sapphire gemstones because of its limited availability. But it lost most of its value in the 1800s. In the 1800s, vast deposits of amethyst were found in Brazil, which reduced its value due to the demand-supply gap. In today’s times, amethyst is found in Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Uruguay, Namibia, Arizona, Morocco, and Zambia. The best-grade amethysts are found in Africa in the Kariba mine (which is present in Zambia) and South America.

Amethyst Properties

Amethyst Properties Amethyst Properties

Amethyst, the February birthstone, has many cool properties. This gemstone is most commonly found in cavities of granitic rocks or in geodes. It ranks 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, which is why it is highly resistant to scratches and is perfect for any kind of jewelry – be it amethyst rings, amethyst earrings, amethyst necklaces, amethyst pendants, or amethyst bracelets. If you show your amethyst jewelry with a little tender loving care, we bet it will stay as good as new.

Amethyst can be found in colors from lilac to purple, bluish-purple, and reddish-purple. This color comes from small percentages of iron and aluminum in the crystal structure of amethyst. When exposed to considerable heat, amethyst changes its color and turns yellow, brown, and green. If you have very dark amethyst – be cautious – because it can fade under prolonged exposure to sunlight. In case your amethyst jewelry loses its color, you can get it irradiated to improve its color.

Healing Properties of Amethyst Jewelry

Healing Properties of Amethyst Jewelry Healing Properties of Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst jewelry is said to possess several healing properties. This February gemstone is said to be the “master healer of gemstones” because of its many metaphysical traits. Although, because of its color, amethyst is believed to be linked to the crown chakra and the root chakra, it can heal and balance any chakra – which in and of itself is a wonderful ability of amethyst. Even in terms of spiritual healing, this February birthstone can blend well and work wonders with other gemstones.

Because of the healing properties of amethyst jewelry, you will feel more confident and well-balanced in your mind, body, and spirit. With the calming presence of amethyst jewelry, you can regain your excitement for life and self-confidence, and overcome any sort of anxiety and stress.

If we talk about the legends, then it is said that amethyst strengthens psychic abilities and opens the third eye. You can wear amethyst jewelry to move your energy from the base chakra to the crown chakra, clear out any blockages within your subconscious mind that hold you down, and get rid of negative thought patterns. Meditating while wearing amethyst jewelry can enhance your intuition, and clear your mind of negative thoughts, allowing you to take firm steps to pursuing your goals and dreams.

How to Customize February Birthstone Jewelry

How to Customize February Birthstone Jewelry How to Customize February Birthstone Jewelry

Are you looking for customized February birthstone jewelry? If yes, then there are three routes for you. Either, you can visit a chain jewelry store, and get something custom-made for you inspired by their current stock, based upon your liking. In this choice, you will save money, because most large chain jewelry stores buy precious metals and gemstones in bulk. The only problem in the case of chain stores is, that your jewelry will almost never be one of a kind, since it would resemble the designs of jewelry that those chain stores have.

The second option for you is to find a small jeweler or an independent jewelry designer. In this case, you have to pay a little more, but you can, rest assured, that your jewelry will be one of a kind – similar to a limited edition watch. In this route, you can get your jewelry designed as per your needs, and it is you who selects all the details and intricacies of your jewelry. This jewelry will definitely allow you to make a statement and look great among your friends, peers, and relatives.

The last option is only for jewelry retailers. If you are a jewelry retailer, you can seek out a wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier, like Rananjay Exports, who would be willing to make custom jewelry for you. If you order customized amethyst jewelry from Rananjay Exports, you will select every detail – from the base metal used to the design and other gemstones used along with amethyst in the jewelry. The biggest benefit that you would get here is, that it would cost you a lot less since you are buying directly from a manufacturer at wholesale rates.


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