Customized April Birthstone Jewelry Customized April Birthstone Jewelry


You can consider those born in April as the luckiest of all. Why? Well, it's because the birthstone for April babies is the iconic Herkimer diamond, a well-known and popular gemstone in the world. Most probably, the month of April is named after the Latin word “aperire”, which can be roughly translated as “to open”. It is named so because flowers begin to open in the month of April. People in ancient times associated the month of April with the goddess Aphrodite (or Venus), the goddess of love, happy marriage, and fertility.

Do you wish to know more about the April birthstone? Let us embark on a journey where we break down Herkimer diamond’s general traits, the location of its mines, its history, metaphysical properties, and much more.

General Traits of Herkimer Diamond

General Traits of Herkimer Diamond General Traits of Herkimer Diamond

If you think that the Herkimer diamond is a genuine diamond, you are making an error. It is a powerful high-vibration double-terminated quartz crystal. The reason why it is given the diamond description is because of its exceptional luster clarity, and strength as compared to most of the quartz crystals. Some Herkimer diamond pieces may possess rutile inclusions, mostly of goethite and/or black carbon. The appearance of Herkimer diamond is normally stubby, short, and clear colored and its size can be small or large. Sometimes, it can also be found with a smoky appearance. Enhydro specimens or specimens of Herkimer diamonds with water inside them are rarely found.


Most of the mines of Herkimer diamond are located in the Herkimer County of New York, the USA. The places where the Herkimer diamond was first discovered were in Middleville and Little Falls New York. This is why this gemstone is also known as Middleville Diamond or Little Falls Diamond. Herkimer diamond is also mined in other countries such as Mexico, Canada, Norway, England, China, Germany, and Morocco, however, gem collectors say that they lack the high quality found in New York. It should be noted that for a specimen to be considered a true Herkimer diamond, it must belong to the Herkimer County area of New York.

If you go into history, you will find that in the late 18th century, the Mohawk River Valley in New York was being excavated for dolostone. Large outcroppings of dolostone contained small pockets or cavities of Herkimer diamond, which led to a rush similar to “diamond rushes”. This stone is about 500 million years old and although it is not a diamond, it displays some traits which have led to it being classified as a “diamond”. Even today, there are a couple of mines in the Herkimer area where you can pay to mine these beautiful crystals. Although this work is pretty hard, those who have found their own Herkimer say that it is worth the effort.

History & Folklore

History & Folklore History & Folklore

Very little is known about the folklore and historical myths of the Herkimer diamond. There are two goddesses associated with this stone – one is Latona, the Roman Goddess of Motherhood and Light, and the other is Angerona, the Roman Goddess of Secrets and Silence. In today’s times, many psychics, intuitives, and people having gifts of channeling and mediumship have become enamored with this crystal and have given it special uses and meanings. The author of the famous book “Love is in the Earth”, Melody has said that the Herkimer diamond is an attunement stone, which can be used to attune with another person, activity, or environment.

It is said that if two people are separated, and if they wear Herkimer diamond jewelry, then it will strengthen their bonds, give them a sense of still being together, and comfort them. It is also said that these two people will form a telepathic bond with each other, provided both of them have the intent of staying connected to one another through the Herkimer diamond jewelry.

Healing Benefits of Herkimer Diamond Jewelry

Healing Benefits of Herkimer Diamond Jewelry Healing Benefits of Herkimer Diamond Jewelry

Because of the extremely high vibrational energy present in Herkimer diamond, it has earned the name of “the stone of attunement”. Not only does the Herkimer diamond jewelry clear out blockages and nudge you in the right direction in life, but it also helps you find a home in your body, and raise your spiritual awareness. Like all healing crystal jewelry, Herkimer diamond jewelry works on your mind, body, and soul. The high frequency of this stone tends to heal your physical body by sorting out cellular disorders and imbalances in the body. It also speeds up the healing process by eliminating toxins and encouraging the healthy circulation of blood. Herkimer diamond jewelry can also help you get back on track if you are suffering from chronic migraines or motion sickness.

Cleansing and Charging Herkimer Diamond Jewelry

Cleansing and Charging Herkimer Diamond Jewelry Cleansing and Charging Herkimer Diamond Jewelry

Before you begin wearing your favorite Herkimer diamond jewelry, you need to cleanse and charge it. For cleansing your Herkimer diamond jewelry piece, all you need to do is place the jewelry in salt water for a couple of hours. This will remove all emotional charge and negative energies that it would have collected from the environment around you. The cleansing ritual should be repeated at least once after a month's usage. For recharging your Herkimer diamond jewelry, all you have to do is place it in sunlight or moonlight for a couple of hours.

Pairing Herkimer Diamond with Other Crystals

If you are purchasing Herkimer diamond jewelry, you need to keep these two things in mind: first, it is a powerful healing crystal, and second, it is a great partner for other healing crystals. One of the most popular crystals that can be paired with Herkimer diamond is moldavite: a crystal well known for its transformative energies. Herkimer diamond will amplify the transformative energies of moldavite, helping you open your heart chakra and attuning you to the vibration of unconditional love. Another interesting crystal that you can possibly pair Herkimer diamond with is amethyst: a crystal famous for stimulating your higher chakras. Together, these two crystals will calm down your confusing thoughts and renew your energies, while also opening up your spiritual abilities and giving a boost to telepathic communication.

Custom April Birthstone Jewelry for Jewelry Retailers

Custom April Birthstone Jewelry for Jewelry Retailers Custom April Birthstone Jewelry for Jewelry Retailers

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