Benefits of Handcrafted Jewelry Benefits of Handcrafted Jewelry


The process of making handcrafted jewelry (which is also known as handmade jewelry) has been practiced for thousands of centuries. Artisans as well as jewelers have harnessed their passion and creativity in order to create individual jewelry pieces that are not only unique but are also of high quality. Creating jewelry purely by hand and hand-held tools (such as lathes and drills, which are guided by the human hand) is similar to any trade skill, which takes years of training and practical application to refine. Through the help of this blog, we will discuss the various benefits of handcrafted jewelry, but first, let us enquire, what handcrafted jewelry or handmade jewelry actually is.

What is Handmade Jewelry or Handcrafted Jewelry?

What is Handmade Jewelry or Handcrafted Jewelry What is Handmade Jewelry or Handcrafted Jewelry?

Handcrafted jewelry is jewelry that is made by artisans without using any of the mass-manufacturing machines, like the ones used in creating casting jewelry or designer jewelry. This is the reason why there is no standard look for handmade jewelry, and it appears a lot more unique when compared to other types of jewelry sold in chain jewelry stores. Handcrafted jewelry can range from simple pendants and bracelets created via wire wrapping techniques to intricate designs that can take days and skilled techniques to finish. The common theme in all sorts of handcrafted jewelry is, that artisans make each piece only with their hands and simple tools. Thus, for any jewelry to be called handmade jewelry, the entire forming and shaping of its raw materials and finishing needs to be accomplished only by hand labor.

Top Six Benefits of Handcrafted Jewelry

Top Six Benefits of Handcrafted Jewelry Top Six Benefits of Handcrafted Jewelry

1. Handmade Jewelry is Stronger

One of the major differences between handmade jewelry and casting jewelry, which is sold by most jewelry retailers and chain stores is in the molecules of the metal. Because handmade jewelry is hammered, tempered, and rolled by hand, thus worked by hand, the metal used in making this type of jewelry becomes stronger. The constituent molecules of the metal used in making jewelry become stacked and flattened like a brick wall.

Also, this working of metal by hand gives the molecules a greater surface area which results in the metal being denser and having more tension. Hence, the metal has a greater resistance to bending and is also more durable. In the case of casting jewelry, where the metal is cast, the molecules are separated far apart, thus creating a less stable structure. Also, there is the possibility of fracturing because of the presence of air bubbles in the metal. Hence, we can conclude that handmade jewelry is stronger.

2. Handcrafted Jewelry is Unique

Most of the jewelry which is found in chain stores as well as stores of jewelry retailers is used by the casting or molding process. In this process, a wax model is used to create a plaster mold. This mold is then filled with molten metal (such as 925 sterling silver, gold, etc.) in order to mass-produce a single design of jewelry. Thus, it is best for you to assume that there are many people walking around with the exact same gemstone jewelry that you are wearing. If you want something unique, handmade jewelry is the best choice since having jewelry handmade means there is only one piece like it.

Even if the design of your handmade jewelry looks similar to another piece, it cannot be exactly the same since you cannot create an exact replica by hand. This is why your handmade jewelry will always remain one of a kind and will be unique in its own special way.

3. Handcrafted Jewelry is Ethically Sourced

Consumers of today’s times are now being increasingly concerned about purchasing ethically sourced products that are sustainable for the environment. Whether it's clothing, food, or jewelry, consumers prefer to support those businesses and manufacturers that produce products in a cruelty-free manner with fewer environmental impacts. Most of the handmade jewelry, including that made at Rananjay Exports, is created with ethically sourced gemstones and metals with processes that are sustainable for the environment. The reason why our metals and gemstones are ethically sourced is that we work with genuine verified vendors who are certified to provide us with such raw materials. Also, we track the supply chain of our gemstones, thus enabling us to ensure that our gemstones are extracted the way we say they are.

4. Handmade Jewelry is The Best Option Since It Requires A Lot of Expertise From The Artisan

Handmade jewelry is not easy to make when you compare it with any kind of casting jewelry or store-bought jewelry. For making high-quality handmade jewelry, a lot of skill and expertise of the artisan is required, which comes only from experience. Also, a lot of precision is required in creating handmade jewelry, for designing the intricacies of the piece. This is why you can say that handmade jewelry is the best option to choose from when you have other options, such as casting jewelry, designer jewelry, custom jewelry, etc.

5. Handcrafted Jewelry Has Heart and Soul

Artisans and jewelers take great pride in every handmade piece they create. Since there is no use of machines, and a lot of dedication goes into creating every part, every intricacy of the jewelry, you will find artisans pouring their heart and soul into every handcrafted jewelry piece. They take time in order to create something special and of high quality. Even at Rananjay Exports, our artisans and jewelers are invested in the process of handcrafted jewelry right from the concept to the design. They create every piece of jewelry with passion, thus creating high-quality pieces that you will cherish and adore for ages to come.

6. Handmade Jewelry is Eco-Friendly

The bulk jewelry production that is done in the case of casting jewelry has multiple negative effects on our natural environment or mother nature. It also depletes our natural resources. Handmade jewelry is not like your mass-produced jewelry; the methods and ways used to make it consume far less energy and other resources when compared with mass-produced jewelry. Thus, this is far better for our environment and this ensures that we leave this earth in a much better place than we have had for our future generations.

Why Should Handmade Jewelry Be a Part of Your Collection?

Why Should Handmade Jewelry Be a Part of Your Collection Why Should Handmade Jewelry Be a Part of Your Collection

Following are the reasons behind why handmade jewelry should be a part of your collection:

    • Unique: As discussed above, each piece of handmade jewelry is unique, and every piece has a story behind it. It is also one of a kind. Having such type of jewelry ensures that your jewelry collection does not miss something important.
    • Quality: Handmade jewelry is made from really high-quality materials, much better than those of mass-produced jewelry.
    • Quality Control: Since handmade jewelry is made by artisans, where each artisan works on an individual piece bit by bit in small batches, there is more room for quality control.
    • Attention to detail: Since handmade jewelry is made by artisans, where each artisan works individually on the piece he is crafting, more attention goes into creating the piece and there is no room for flaws when compared to machine-made jewelry.
    • Cultural Diversity: In general, handmade jewelry is made according to the techniques that artisans are taught in their culture, thus making that jewelry more local. This is why through handmade jewelry, you can embrace cultural diversity since an artisan creating handmade jewelry in India will be different from another artisan creating his handmade jewelry in say, France.


In this blog, we have discussed what handcrafted jewelry actually is, some of the benefits of handmade jewelry, and the reasons why you should make some or the other handmade jewelry a part of your collection. The uniqueness of handmade jewelry combined with the artistic touch it has makes it worth every penny. Are you a jewelry retailer, or perhaps a chain store looking to buy handmade jewelry? Or, are you looking for wholesale gemstone jewelry, such as chakra jewelry, birthstone jewelry, etc?

If yes, then browse through the official website of Rananjay Exports – India’s most renowned wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier. They deal in all sorts of gemstone jewelry, in over 250+ different gemstones, all of which are natural and ethically sourced. At Rananjay Exports, we are extremely passionate about crafting quality jewelry and we will help you in every step of the way to bring your vision to life.