Astrological Benefits of Onyx Astrological Benefits of Onyx

Onyx Gemstone

Onyx stone is probably the only stone with many stories of its origin, and all these stories of its origin vary from culture to culture. According to Vedic Astrology, the Onyx gemstone is ruled by Saturn and Mars, and it is one among the many protective semi-precious gemstones. Birthstone-wise, onyx is considered to be Leo's birthstone.

Many astrologers claim that onyx helps its wearer in fighting conflicts in life, while also protecting its wearer from negative energy. It is also said that onyx jewelry is very helpful in providing structure as well as authority in the wearer’s life.

Since onyx is a type of chalcedony, it is formed by the gas cavities present in volcanic lava. In today’s times, onyx is found in various colors, forms, and types, such as the black onyx, green onyx, and red onyx, however, the black onyx variety with parallel banded layers is considered to be the most precious and rare to find.

Onyx ranks 7 on the Moh’s Hardness Scale. This gemstone was very popular amongst the Greeks and Romans and they used it for repelling the negative energies in their environment. As a 10th anniversary stone, black onyx is considered to be a very lucky stone to be gifted to your partner. If you are nearing your 10th anniversary, consider gifting your partner onyx jewelry such as an onyx pendant, onyx earring, onyx necklace, or onyx bracelet.

Similar to other gemstones that are available in the market, all onyx varieties such as the black onyx, green onyx, red onyx, etc. are considered to have great astrological properties which help the onyx wearer in healing from various kinds of fears and problems.

How Do I Know Which Onyx Suits Me?

How Do I Know Which Onyx Suits Me? How Do I Know Which Onyx Suits Me

If you want to identify whether you need an onyx stone or not, or if you want to confirm your compatibility with onyx jewelry such as an onyx ring, then it is best for you to consult your astrologer who will take help with your birth chart or perhaps the lines on the palm of your hand to tell you whether to wear the stone or not.

If you are doubting how can your birth chart help you in determining your compatibility with Onyx, then here is the longer explanation. All planets in the universe are connected to us in some shape or form. The movement and position of these planets have some sort of effect, either positive or negative, on our day-to-day events. What an astrologer does is prepare your Kundli, also known as your birth chart, to determine the position of your planets and thus find the effects of that planet that influence you. Not only this, he also suggests remedies that can pacify the malefic planets, one of the most popular remedies being wearing some gemstone or crystal.

Also, don’t make the mistake of figuring out everything online. It's best that you consult a good astrologer before you make the final call. For instance, although green onyx is used as a substitute for emerald gemstones and black onyx is used as a substitute for black tourmaline, in some cases, it is advisable to not go for the substitutes and invest in the real deal instead.

How to Wear Onyx Gemstone Jewelry

How to Wear Onyx Gemstone Jewelry How to Wear Onyx Gemstone Jewelry

Onyx gemstone is available in a wide array of colors. Depending upon what the astrologer suggests, you can decide the quality, size, and color of onyx jewelry that you need to wear. As far as the day on which you should wear onyx jewelry is concerned, you should wear it on Tuesday.

The most popular jewelry items worn for reaping astrological benefits are none other than rings. Keeping in mind that you are purchasing an onyx ring, wear it on the little finger or the middle finger of your left hand. Although both fingers are equally beneficial, you should wear the onyx ring on the finger as advised by the astrologer. Make sure that you wash the onyx ring in Gangajal and fresh milk, and enchant it with the mantras of your Ishta devata before you wear the ring. This will allow you to gain all the benefits from the ring.

If you are thinking of which metal should be used as the base metal for making the ring, then it is advised that you use silver, yellow gold, or white gold as the base metal for making the onyx ring.

If you are thinking of the right amount of carat weight suitable for you, then you can calculate it by dividing your estimated weight by 10. So, for instance, if your body weight is 70 Kg, then the carat weight of onyx gemstone suitable for you is 70/10 or 7 carats. Thus, you should opt for wearing a 7-carat onyx.

Some of The Astrological Benefits of Onyx Jewelry

Some of the Astrological Benefits of Onyx Jewelry Some of the Astrological Benefits of Onyx Jewelry

    • The black color in black onyx represents root chakra. Thus, black onyx jewelry helps its wearer to reinforce the inner knowing that death is not the end, but a transition to a new beginning, thus allowing him to understand the divine circle of life, which is birth, death, and reincarnation.
    • Red onyx jewelry removes fear and angst, while also elevating trust in one’s own self and bringing awareness to the divine protection offered by angels and spirit guides.
    • Wearing green onyx jewelry is said to improve the functions of the sensory and motor nervous system, thus aiding in sharpening the senses of listening and healing the inner ear as well as the eye.
    • It is said that onyx gemstone can heal sleeping disorders, as well as help those suffering from stress, apathy, and neurological disorders.
    • As a birthstone, onyx provides structure and authority that people in leadership positions crave. Onyx can also help the wearer become a master of one’s destiny as well as strengthen self-confidence.


Now, since you have read the article, you know the astrological benefits of onyx gemstones and you also know briefly about how to wear onyx jewelry. Indeed, onyx is one of the most desired gemstones in the world, which has been used in jewelry ever since the dawn of humanity.

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