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Sketching - The Very First Step To Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturing

Have you ever gotten struck by the charm of any jewelry piece, a design that directly hit your mind and filled your heart with joy? Have you ever thought while seeing a mesmerizing piece of jewelry that who made it or in whose mind the idea of the design gets shaped?  If not yet then next time whenever you feel to appreciate the beauty of any jewelry, take a minute to appreciate the designers who invented the design through their sketches. 

Before every piece of jewelry comes the sketch and before the sketch comes the idea of the design into the mind of the designer. In that sense, every piece of jewelry originates first in the mind. Well that’s why Plato, the ancient Greek Philosopher, advocated the supremacy of ideas and said ideas are the truth and every other artwork is just an imitation of it hence twice removed from reality. I wonder what would Plato have said about gemstone jewelry, maybe thrice removed reality? Sorry Mr. Plato we will have to be agreed to disagree on that, let me tell you, gemstone jewelry is real, very real, you know, they are the truth. But it is the fact that it is the human mind where any jewelry takes shapes first and then with the efforts of many people it comes to existence.

I hope I did not bore you while trying to explain the point that how sketching jewelry is a crucial part of manufacturing jewelry. It depends on the sketch that how a final product will be executed. Sketching may appear simple or easy but it is a complicated process where the designer has to take care of the minor details of the jewelry along with the details of stone shape and type. 

Sketching - The Professional Art of Jewelry Designing at Rananjay Exports

Sketching is the first step in any jewelry manufacturing process and the first step needs to be flawless to get started with further steps. Rananjay Exports, being one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of gemstone jewelry, we have a professional team of jewelry designers who with their utmost expertise and patience, create jewelry designs based on the latest trends while taking care of minute details.

Making sketches for jewelry is not everyone’s cup of tea, it takes a part of artistic instinct added to a whole lot of professional practice. Jewelry designing is a renowned profession that demands skill development training. No matter how it appears as pure art, designing jewelry is based on techniques, perhaps artistic techniques be a suitable term for it.

At Rananjay Exports our team sketches the finest possible designs that take shapes into gorgeous pieces of jewelry. The designs we provide are trendy and based on the most recent fashion in the gemstone jewelry world. We manufacture and supply an enormous range of gemstone jewelry with thousands of varieties of designs in different types of gemstone jewelry. In less than a decade our gemstone jewelry collections have received great love and admiration from our clients from all over the globe and as a result of that, we become one of the fastest-growing companies in gemstone jewelry manufacturer based in Jaipur, India.

Role of Sketching In Our Journey To The Top

As we have discussed how sketching is the first step in making beautiful jewelry, a mere beautiful sketch may not always lead to the desired outcome; besides jewelry designing is beyond the details of aesthetic beauty and is more about the accurate symmetrical representation of the size, shape, and cut of the gemstone along with their carving on metal. Every piece of jewelry is a result of the perfect execution of a carefully crafted flawless sketch. The success of any gemstone manufacturer and suppliers greatly rely on the team of designers who make sketching of the prototype.

Importance of Sketching In Casting Gemstone Jewelry

Earlier we talked about the role of sketching in general, to know better let us discuss the importance it has while making casting gemstone jewelry. We know in casting jewelry, a bulk of pieces of the same design, are made at once. If the sketch is not drawn properly the CAD design will not come out correctly and that will disrupt the further proceedings. CAD is the computer added a 3D model of the sketch if the sketch itself is not correct or clear and has ambiguities, a CAD prototype will not be possible to create, and so on. The very foundational step, that is sketching, is not correct, there will not be any jewelry in reality and that defines the gravity of a perfect sketch. Furthermore, if the design is not right and remains unidentified initially only to be found out later when the jewelry of the same faulty design is produced, that would be disastrous, a complete waste of resources and time.

Sketching of A Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Handmade jewelry has its value based on the uniqueness of the design. Like every other type of jewelry production, the type of handmade jewelry, too requires a correctly drawn clear design of the jewelry. only by a foolproofed design can be made into reality. Handmade jewelry demands more time, careful effort, and lots of patience to get the desired piece of jewelry. let us assume the sketch does not come correctly and all the time, effort, and resources have gone waste when the final outcome appears. So the role of sketch not only decides the course of handmade jewelry manufacturing but of all jewelry types.

Customized Jewelry and Role of Sketching

Have you ever felt difficulty in choosing from catalog designs and that something is lacking in the designs or do you feel a slight variation in a design would make the piece better? You were called too picky and someone suggested you go for custom jewelry design and be your own jewelry designer, but your drawing skills are horrendous and you dare not to design? Well, there is a sure-shot solution to your dilemma available at Rananjay Exports. With us, you do not need to sketch your design, all you need to do is to articulate the ideas that you have in your mind, clear details of your requirements, or any special wish in shape, size, and cut of your gemstone jewelry, you can even decide the gemstone and the color of it and our professional designer can help your ideas come into reality in your guidance. All you need to do is to think of your design.

Important Aspects of Jewelry Designing

We know that jewelry appeals to our aesthetic sense. The prime purpose is to complement our overall appearance and bring pleasure. But can pleasure ever be attained without comfort? The same is true for jewelry, comfort always comes before everything else. So while making a sketch the first thing is to make such a design that not only looks good but feels extremely comfortable, jewelry should not have sharp edges or be heavy or inappropriate in size making it unbearable to carry. Imagine a lavish piece of an expensive necklace with a gorgeous look but having sharp ends hurting your skin, what to do with such beauty? Will it bring pleasure or pain? No pleasure is ever possible in the absence of comfort. Jewelry is not something we can not live without, rather we use it to add some extra meaning to our life. Jewelry is one of the finest examples of pure artistic excellence of humans. So the first important aspect is comfort.

The design should be made in a symmetrical manner that enables it to be executable and not lost in ambiguities. It takes practice as well as great expertise to be able to make a sketch worth enough to be carved into a real jewelry piece.

Knowledge of the latest trends in jewelry and having a keen aesthetic sense of art and beauty are required in a jewelry designer to make a design unique and pleasant to the eyes.

In that sense sketching a jewelry design is entirely different than sketching other things. One may be excellent in drawing, painting creating any art piece, and be a disaster in sketching jewelry design.  Probably the reason behind it is that an artist needs absolute freedom to create an art piece while designing jewelry requires discipline and technique, and doesn’t let you wander free in terms of pattern and design.

At Rananjay Exports we have a team of exceptionally skilled jewelry designers. No company of gemstone jewelry can ever get successful without having a good team of designers. We are one of the most trusted names among manufacturers and suppliers of gemstone jewelry in and around the world for more than a decade. We have achieved a position at the top in which a huge credit goes to our designers. With their dedication, we have been able to design for many big and small jewelry companies and will continue to serve all around the world. We design, manufacture and supply a wide range of gemstone jewelry of gold, silver, and brass gemstone jewelry. Be it casting jewelry or handmade jewelry our designs are always fresh and based on recent trends and that is why they are well-received and adored by our clients all over the earth. We started our journey in 2013 and in less than a decade we have made our way to the top. That would not be possible without our team of real gems i.e. our professional designers who with their skills take the act of jewelry manufacturing to a different level. We become better with every creation and aspire to continue growing for the best experience with gemstone jewelry manufacturing. our team of wonderful researchers keeps doing their research and updating our designers before they start making their designs. A single piece of design takes the efforts of a whole team, Beauty is never free it has cost, and the beauty of gemstone jewelry costs the hard work and dedication of many skilled people. Beauty is wonder and Wonder is beauty and at Rananjay we create the wonder of beauty every day and spread it all over the world. Our reputation relies on the quality of the gemstones we provide. Our services are world class so the designs of our gemstone jewelry. Next time when you get stunned by the charm of any gemstone jewelry don’t forget to appreciate the artisans behind it who collaboratively make that gorgeous piece bring to reality. Jewelry that soothes and complements you and often provides emotional and spiritual support.  We do understand the value gemstone jewelry has in one's life and so take great care at every step of the manufacturing and send them to deserving clients not only in India but worldwide. Check out our gorgeous collection of gemstone jewelry, do connect with us with your queries about gemstone jewelry.